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I’m back at work this week after a very extended maternity leave, so daylight to take progress pictures has been lost in a flurry of preparation. But after finishing the pooling colors scarf, I cast on some socks that rock (pebble beach colorway) in the oak ribbed pattern from Vintage Socks.

Why, do you ask, did I not simply finish Bea? Well… Since we last left our friend Bea:

I finished the left and right fronts, and the first sleeve. Further sleeve island margaritas were stymied by a distinct lack of yarn. In a fit of pique over Rowan miscalculations (my gauge is spot on), I put the sweater down for some sock knitting distraction. Hopefully I can make it to the yarn store Thursday. Argh!

Anyway, the socks that rock pretty much lives up to its promise. It’s sproingy, the colors are vibrant and terrific, it is smoother than any other sock yarn I’ve worked with, easily as soft as Lorna’s Laces, claims to be machine-dryable, and the fabric is to die for. The downside? For me, anyway, it wants to pool. So much so that even if I alternate balls of yarn, there’s a discernable pattern:

I’ve basically sworn off Lorna’s Laces for the same issue (see earlier frustration), but now I’m wondering if it’s me. Am I joining the second strand of yarn in the wrong way? Other people don’t seem to have this problem. Maybe I’m just too obsessive about pooling? If you have suggestions, please chime in! This mars the yarn for me, and that makes me sad. Not that it’s making me hate the sock. And I won’t avoid this yarn in the future, certainly.

Since the above pictures were taken, I’ve turned the heel and am almost through the foot. I love how quickly socks go!

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