On sizing and socks, and help from you.

Remember Harvey? When I knit it for my unusually-large child last fall in the 3-6 month size, I assumed it would be just right. Turns out, it was huge. Then this spring, it was still kind of large. And now, on my still-unusually-large 9 month old, it’s still kind of big!

He’ll be able to wear it this fall! What’s *up* with that? Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

Knitting has progressed, but since 4 repeats of the leaf lace shawl looks about like 3–that is to say, a crumpled mess–I will give you a peek of how the Pebble Beach socks are turning out.

…and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I actually like the striping. Or did, at least.

I was okay with the striping! But then there was flashing, and now there’s striping again. And I know what you’re saying out there. “Come on, Amy. This is just a sock. No need to get neurotic.” And you’re probably right.

But don’t you think it looks a little bit weird? Please tell me. And please be honest, now. Because I’m not sure I can learn to wear and love these socks. And I’m happy giving them away, if they’re not objectively hideous. But I don’t want to gift someone with hideous socks and not even realize it.

(Although I am so thoroughly in love with the heel that it’s hard to express in words.)

8 thoughts on “On sizing and socks, and help from you.

  1. Oh my god! He’s cuter every time I see him! And that vest looks good on him, even if it is a little big.

    As for the sock… you know I’m a pretty laid back knitter, I go with the flow, and whatever happens in variegation happens. But… that is a lot of pooling in one area. I wouldn’t call it hideous, but since the rest of the sock is so uniformly striped, it does kind of stick out. Does the type of heel you did (what kind is that, by the way?) allow you to rip back to it and start again? Were you already using yarn from both ends?

  2. Adorable baby pics!!!

    Personally, I don’t mind the pooling/flashing… I’ve gotten used to it when knitting heel flap & gusset socks, and I like yours 🙂

    You could always go for a short row heel, that way your st count wouldn’t change and you should (theoretically) keep the striping action all the way down the heel and foot.

    Good luck!

  3. Don’t give them away! The flashing was going to have to happen because of the differing row length around the gusset.

    Just remember that if you’re wearing the socks with shoes or walking around stocking-foot in them, the flashing won’t be visible.

    The cuffs look wonderful!

  4. i think the socks are fantastic – but i wear different socks (as one pink sock with monkeys, and one blue sock with piggies) all the time. so you may not want to take my advice. i

  5. Ok, he is just the cutest! Ilove that sock…great pattern, seems I have overlooked it. THAT would have been a great striped sock for dad…next pair.

  6. If you want to get rid of the flashing, rip back and alternate rows from both ends of the ball (2 strands). It won’t be striped the same, but it won’t flash. Or do short row or afterthought heels.

  7. Call me strange, but I really like the striping and the flashing! It’s one was to really tell that they are handmade. Of course, I like pooling too, so maybe I am not the best judge.

    Great colors!! And, just as an aside, if you finish them and still hate them, I would be more than happy to give them a loving home, flashing and all 😉

  8. Personally I wouldn’t worry about the pooling as that’s the part that will be in your shoes, but one way I know to get rid of it is to use two strands of yarn in alternate rows so that you interrupt the colour repeat. Yes I know that means introducing yarn ends to be wound in but it does help with the pooling problem

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