To life!

I have a brand-spanking-new nephew as of Saturday afternoon, so not much knitting. I had a nice long drive to Maine to ponder the socks, though. I think I just love the colorway too much to let myself knit a pair of “enh” socks out of it. So back into the stash it goes, and if I bring it up again before September, please pour forth with fire and brimstone. It is now *definitely* time-out for that yarn.

I do have a little bit to show, though. The Fibonacci hoodie now has a finished front and a tiny little zygote of a sleeve.

I’ve also finished four out of ten repeats for the Leaf Lace Shawl.

That sounds like a lot, except that the shawl is started in the center back with just a few stitches. So, the repeats are getting much longer each time. Still, the yarn is a dream to knit with and I really like the resulting fabric. (Well, as much as one can really tell what the resulting fabric is, with lace.)

So off the list with the Oak Ribbed Sock! With only two projects to finish, I should have a new gift and a new shawl in no time.

3 thoughts on “To life!

  1. That shawl really looks gorgeous already. And I love the colors in the hoodie!

    Thanks for the tip about knitting on the plane. I really feel MUCH better about flying now!

  2. Pretty i love the color of your yarn for the shawl! If you want my 2 cents about the socks…keep the ribbing but lose the heel flap. If you do a short row of after thought heel it will not flash like that, and the stripes will continue on the foot. Either of these heels can be used with just about any pattern. msjuliaj AT hotmail DOT com

  3. Congratulations on the brand new nephew! YAY!

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