Leaving on a… erm.

We have a house! I haven’t actually seen it in person, but the pictures are to die for. Things will be a little catch-as-catch can here at the blog for a few weeks. The packers come Tuesday, we’re in Maine for a week, we take some time to drive across the country, we arrive in Pebble Beach some time the week of August 21st.

That’s a lot of car knitting time! I’m excited. Because there’s no way on earth the afghan is going to be finished before leaving, given that I have only two squares done!

I should be able to blog from the road, which I think will be fun. For now, off to sleep!

2 thoughts on “Leaving on a… erm.

  1. you knit the prettiest things, I adore that color and the knitting is beutiful! I think that’s one of the new fall colors.

  2. Those look awesome! What a pretty color. Watching you make yours is going to make me want to make another!

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