Aw yeah bay bee

That afghan is DONE.

…and I started the HP scarf, after all. It must be done for Hannukkah, and I’m a firm believer in getting the nasty stuff over with as quickly as possible. Plus, the yarn was already wound and the pattern already printed out the other morning when I needed to leave the house in -.02 seconds.

More details on the afghan (including an FO gallery) later. For now, time to go be a vegetable with my miles of golden-and-scarlet stockinette!

5 thoughts on “Aw yeah bay bee

  1. That looks great! I love it in blue.

    I went to the annual Halcyon sale today. I missed you! Especially when I found four skeins of cashmere for $6.00 a skein! Of course, it’s bulky weight, but still!

  2. wow, amy! that’s beautiful!!

  3. You’ve done a beautiful job on the afghan, it looks absolutely beautiful. Just what’s needed now that the evenings are starting to get chillier.

  4. Just gorgeous!

  5. This afghan is absolutely gorgious! How wide did you make each square and how much alpaca wool did you need? I`m thinking of making my daughter a nice knitted afghan this way and have no idea how much wool it would take. I`d also make a lap one. Have no idea where to begin because I`ve never used alpaca.


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