One stripe, two stripes, red stripes gold stripes

I’ve added the afghan to the FO gallery, and updated my sidebar. It’s official. I’m in Harry Potter land.

This is not, as I’d feared, the most boring thing I’ve ever knit. (That medal still goes to the 1×1 rib scarf in black cashmerino aran for the hubby. I still have nightmares about that thing. And now we live in a place that doesn’t get winter! Ha! Ha ha! *twitch*)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. The stockinette is dull, but done in the round it’s extremely easy to take anywhere and do any time, for just a few stitches or two stripes’ worth. So I’m moving along on it fairly quickly. Knowing how many stripes there will be is a little freeing, too. No more “Is it long enough yet?” games in my head–I’m halfway there, and that’s that.

I’m excited to get it done, though, for sure. I visited my LYS for the first time since our move the other day and picked up Rowan 40 (so many nice ideas!) and yarn for the last holiday sweater I’d like to knit. It will be good to work on an adult sweater again, I think it’s been over a year, definitely. Adult sweaters feel like fall, to me.

What is your favorite fall project?

1 thought on “One stripe, two stripes, red stripes gold stripes

  1. Amy- the HP scarf is looking good you are juat about done! yeah! Boy you have so many wonderful projects going on there. I would love to hear about the other wools that you like just as much as malabrigo.

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