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Wow, that was a busy week. Even though I’m home during the day, daylight savings really seems to have cut into my photo time. Or maybe it’s just because Jacob thinks naps are for weenies. 🙂 Either way, I present to you a belated FO roundup:

Pattern: Classic Harry Potter scarf in Gryffindor colors.
Yarn: Cascade 220, scarlet and gold, 2 hanks each.
Modifications: Added 2 purl stitches, see below.

This scarf is knit in a tube to avoid both curling and a wrong side to the work. This results in an extremely warm, thick scarf. I wanted the scarf to stay flat nicely so I changed two of the knit stitches to purls, to help the scarf keep a shape. It seems to have worked, although I haven’t made a totally knit one so who knows?

As you’d expect, this is pretty boring to knit. But, I will say one thing for stockinette in the round: It makes for some truly mindless knitting that you can do anywhere, and hence I got this scarf done in record time. (I think 10 days, including blocking and fringe?) Despite the length. Seriously. It makes a good fence cozy.

FO gallery in the sidebar–you can see all of the nature-tastic pictures I snapped of the scarf while Jacob was playing in our front yard.


I’m zipping right along on my gram’s fir cone lace cardigan, but still no pictures for you. I have to save them out, since even moving along quickly it’s going to take me some time to finish this puppy. My favorite thing about the cardigan so far is the construction. I’ve split for the armholes already, so those loooong rows are behind me and there’s no side-seaming to do! The sleeves will be interesting this way, though, I think.

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  1. You have very beautiful and good pictures ! They have some nice atmosfere, they are warm, and with interensting light….

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