I’ve been a busy little bee. The Fir Cone Lace Cardigan remains in the sidebar only because I haven’t gotten buttons yet. Everything else is done. Expect a FO report this week, but here’s a little preview.

Remember my lace query? It was for this:

That’s Andrea 100% laceweight silk from Schaefer Yarns. Hand-dyed, picked up at a Schaefer trunk show, in this most luscious colorway that reminds me of these wild roses that speckle Maine’s beaches. The perfect color for one of Jacob’s grandmothers, who just happens to need a fabulous shawl for Christmas this year. After all of your wonderful advice in comments and email, I decided to look for the simplest shawl pattern I could find (that wouldn’t drive me to tears with boredom). I chose The Shoalwater Shawl, which seems custom-made for busy variegated yarns.

The first repeat (of four) took me about three days. Unblocked-lace-looks-crappy photo:


I’m really excited about it. Alas, it’s a terrible project for my spare moments during the day, because the rows are already taking forever, and it’s moderately fiddly. So, I cast on for another project. Well, honestly, I’ve only swatched so far. But rest assured, I will be well into the back before this weekend is out.

Because it’s knit in Calmer.

Now I know, various knitbloggers have been extolling Calmer’s virtues for awhile now, but until today I had managed to avoid the draw. I bought some for Knitting Nature’s Phyllo Yoked Pullover this summer, since my closest female friend covets the sweater, and it just sat in my yarn closet, waiting for me to get to it. It could afford to be patient, I suppose. Because now I may never go back.

I shall call him Mr. Swatchie. I will love him and pet him and hug him and squeeze him…

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  1. All the best to you and Mr. Swatchie for a long and happy future together. And just so you can plan your new relationship, Mr. Swatchie is made of cotton, microfiber, and crack.

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