An utter lack of excitement

Seriously, I get bored on your behalf even thinking about an update entry. There’s the fir cone lace cardigan, which is now done but is still waiting for a proper photo shoot:

There’s the shoalwater shawl, which is another repeat closer to being finished but still, unblocked lace vomit:

And there’s the phyllo yoked pullover, which is currently still in the “miles of stockinette” stage.


There is one nail-biter issue with the shawl, actually. The pattern calls for “About 1200 yards lace-weight”. The Andrea silk has 1093. Now, in the pattern as written there’s an applied I-cord border at the top of the shawl, so I have an easy way to reduce my yarn requirements. The problem is, will it be enough? Anyone have any guesses?

2 thoughts on “An utter lack of excitement

  1. Going on blind faith (and for the sake of your sanity), I’m going to tell you that you have enough yarn.

    (Disclaimer: If you run out of yarn, I will not be held responsible. I will, however, help you drown your sorrows at the local lys.)

    The cardigan looks very nice!

  2. Oh my you have been a very busy bee! Your cardigan is beautiful! I can’t believe how many things you have been knitting…. lovely work.

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