I am triumphant today, for two good reasons.

I finally have an FO entry for you on the Fir Cone Lace Cardigan.

Pattern: Fir Cone Lace Cardigan from Vermont Fiber Designs. Knit in the Large size for my grandmother.
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool, I believe color 21. Used just over 6 hanks.
Time Elapsed: Just over three weeks, I think?
Thoughts: This was a very easy and enjoyable cardigan to knit. The lace patterns are extremely easy to memorize, and produce a very pleasing design.

Be warned that there is zero waist shaping in this pattern, and the lace isn’t going to pull in like a rib does. Now, my grandmother (bless her) went through almost a dozen pregnancies, and I think the square fit and slightly dropped shoulders are going to do good things for her figure. But for someone like me, with 8″ of difference between bust and waist, it bags kind of unattractively.

Further, the construction doesn’t really provide an easy way to add waist shaping, since it’s knit in one loooooooooong row to the armhole. I’m not sure how you’d decrease attractively.

Even so, it’s extremely comfortable and classic in look. The heathery quality to the Silky Wool marries well with the lace, and I love how airy and light (yet very warm!) the fabric is.

Merry Christmas, Grammie! I’ll share a photo of her wearing it after the holidays. More information and photos and rambling, as usual, in the FO pages listed in the sidebar.


I’m so glad to have that FO shoot done for two reasons. One, it’s extremely frustrating to try to get good shots of a sweater made for someone who doesn’t have your measurements. 🙂 Two, I finished the Shoalwater Shawl today. It’s blocking right now, so I only have a wrinkled pruney unblocked lace photo for you. And “picot” is another synonym for “hell”, and yes of course I ran out of yarn, and it’s 20 rows short, and I had to hunt all over the house for the few yards of sample I had just to finish binding off the damn thing, but…

…even with all that, I think it looks damn fine.

3 thoughts on “FO!

  1. Wow! I love that sweater. Your grandmother will love it. What a beautiful Christmas gift. I’ve been wanting to try that Silky Wool for a while – looks like it has a lovely drape. Great job.

  2. What a lovely sweater for your grandmother. I’m sure she’ll treasure it!

  3. Good grief–three weeks to knit that? I’d still be pulling my hair our somewhere below the armholes. It is just beautiful, and your grandmother is going to be blow away!

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