So, here’s the deal with the Friday Harbor sock. I did get one done, although true to form it’s too narrow for my (shapely?) foot/calf.

Jacob was a willing model, of course.

The real problem, though, was the yarn. Caveat: This is just my opinion! I know there are lots of folks out there in blog-land who love this yarn. If you’re unsure but would like to try some, let me know because I have 67g that I would be happy to send someone.

I had two problems with it. First, the 25% polyamide gave the yarn an unpleasant plasticy feel to my fingers. Keep in mind, reading this, that I am one spoiled kitten in terms of sock yarn. I’ve only ever used Lorna’s Laces, Schaefer Anne, Bearfoot, and Socks that Rock. The bigger problem, though, was that it started looking fuzzy/rough and pilling just from my knitting it. It’s hard to capture a picture of this, but here’s a try:

If the feel doesn’t bother you, I’d recommend it for a scarf, or maybe gauntlets, but if the yarn is visibly wearing without ever being *worn*, I would think twice before using it for socks. Maybe I just got a defective ball?


Whatever the reason, though, 2007 is not the year of knitting with yarn I hate. So, out of the sidebar the socks go, and on to something new!

(Suggestions for what to do with a single sock are welcome.)

That’s the start to the Shaped V-Neck Cardigan, done top-down, by Knitting Pure and Simple. I’m knitting it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, color “Rust”. It’s a joy to be working with this yarn again.

I really like the way the sweater looks in the picture, but I worry after seeing some others among the blogs. So I’m thinking of adding some pretty aggressive waist-shaping, and maybe some short-rows on the bust. I think this project may finally be the one that sets me over the edge on a dress form! Figuring out where to add it all without one is a little daunting. (To be honest, it feels a little daunting no matter what. I’ve never modified a pattern before in such a big way. But fear seems like a silly reason to put up with an ill-fitting sweater! So we shall see.) Does anyone have any recommendations or anti-recommendations on adjustable dress forms?

4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I thought that the Regia silk was meant to be lovely to knit with. How disappointing! I think my best suggestion is going to be to sew an eye on to the sock and turn it into a sock puppet. At least that way it’ll get some love from Jacob. Such a waste though…

  2. I’m glad to hear your review on the Regia Silk. I’ve thought about trying it, even though I don’t like Regia in general. That sock pattern is awfully nice, though. Is that from Knitting on the Road?

    I have a My Double dress form, and I really like it. One thing to keep in mind though, is that you have to buy a size range. I am at the very top of mine, so if I gain five pounds, it’s useless. Great motivator to not gain weight, though!

    I believe I have a back issue of Threads magazine that has details about how to choose a dress form. I can send the article to you if you’d like. Um, maybe you could email me your mailing address again, though. I have got to use my address book.

  3. Sorry about the yarn ;( The pictures of the sock look great though. I have some yarn set aside for this pattern, and I now definitely want to knit this pattern. You can see the detail of the sock much more clearly in your pic that in they pic in the Nancy Bush book.

  4. I too will vote for a sock puppet (or monkey, if you’re ambitious) for the single sock. And as for the dress form–if you google, there’s plenty of instructions around for making a duct tape model of yourself–cheap as free and your exact size for sure!

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