Things are moving right along with the Shaped V-Neck Cardigan, and that makes me super happy.

It’s both neat and gratifying to be able to try the sweater on me and the mannequin. I’ve been modifying the pattern in response to how it fits, and I’m winding up with a very flattering, nicely shaped sweater. Go, me!

It still needs sleeves, obviously, and a little bit of a collar treatment, and ye gods how it needs to be blocked. I’m hoping the blocking will take care of the frilliness and pouf I’m seeing on the seed stitch border:

The quest for true color isn’t going so well with these photos, by the way–it’s more of a rusty maroon than bright orange-red. The pattern is a little sloppy in places, but I haven’t found any errors yet, and once again I’m enjoying the Ultra Alpaca. It’s smooth, soft, and has a nice drape. I should be wearing this sweater some time next week!

And of course, I’m already thinking of the next project, because anticipation is one of my favorite parts of knitting. I counted my sock yarn stash the other day, and came up with

(deep breath)

22 pairs’ worth

(deep breath)

of really nice sock yarn. I guess the first step is admitting one has a problem? So… yeah. A pair of socks is definitely next up, dunno if I should make them fancy patterned and plain yarn or vice versa. And I have 5 gift sweaters, adult and baby, that I’m really excited about.

I’m still thinking about that birthday silk hubby got for me last summer, and the Seraphim it’s destined for. I don’t want to knit that up yet, though. I want to make the anticipation last, because it looks like the shawl is going to be a pretty fast knit.

Choices, choices!

7 thoughts on “Wheeeeeeeeeee!

  1. 22 pairs? You call that a sock yarn stash? Lady, that’s nuthin’. ;P

  2. That looks lovely! And the alpaca will keep you very warm.

  3. Oh, that looks phenomenal! It’s going to fit so well. I’m thinking the dress form was a great investment!

  4. What a gorgeous colored cardi! (I have a terrible time photographing reds too.) And 22 pairs of socks sound like a decent number to me. 😉

  5. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to comment! That cardigan is coming along beautifully! It’s going to be so flattering on you, and I LOVE that color!

  6. The cardigan looks great! I saw Ultra Alpaca this weekend and just loved it – it looks all wooly and like it would be scratchy, but it’s really soft – the best of both worlds!

  7. Well, now, that sweater is just plain gorgeous!

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