Who’s afraid of the big bad swatch…

The big bad swatch, the big bad swatch… I’m taking a page from the EZ craze and “swatching” with the little hat, which seems like an entirely sensible approach to me.

Please excuse the crappy, curling-like-the-dickens, unblocked colorwork photo. It’s cute, but full of annoyances so far. It curls like crazy, the yarn has already broken in one place and I have a quick-n-dirty fix just holding it all together until the break is a little further from the needles. I’m not entirely sure what to do about the break, honestly. I guess just duplicate stitch around the hole?

The ladybugs are adorable but require either long floats or finagling to keep the carried-along color from showing. I think the recipient of this set will swoon, and it’s awfully nice to be doing something a little complicated again, but I don’t think this will go down in history as my favorite knit ever.

(The shaped v-neck just might, though. I finished it up tonight and hope to have an FO post tomorrow or Wednesday.)

5 thoughts on “Who’s afraid of the big bad swatch…

  1. I am sorry but I *need* to see the back of that. Please share… are you carrying the red, purple and black across the back as floats? Or am I missing a trick here?

  2. So damn cute. I had every intention of knitting that Dale sweater before Thumper was born and it just didn’t happen.

    And yes, show us yer floats!

  3. The ladybugs are cute! That must take a lot of work with all the colors!

  4. It looks great so far! Such even work. I would also like to see the back. I’ve always thought that maybe I carry my yarn weird when I do fair isle.

  5. I would love to make the ladybug sweater. Where can I find the pattern? I checked my knitting store and they don’t have it.

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