Head in the clouds

I could show you another picture of a wrinkled mess of ladybugs, or yet another wrong side shot, but I’m almost done with the body of the ladybug sweater and I really want the next picture to be of it blocking. I really can’t wait to even all of those terrible stitches out, and I’ll need the motivation to tackle the sleeves. (Same 3-color fun, now on dpns!)

So instead, look what came home with me the other day!

It feels beyond divine, it really truly does. The label says only 5% cashmere, but it must just be modesty. And it was cheap! Cheap cheap cheap. So I really can’t be faulted for breaking my “diet” (read: saving up for a huge Stitches binge). I got enough to do the Cloverleaf shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I can’t really find a good picture of the shawl online except in Grumperina’s wonderful review of the book; it’s the 8th one down in the left column.

I seem to be gearing up for another shawl, which is good since I have roughly 8 gazillion miles of laceweight and plan to get more. Seraphim needs to be next on the shawl list, because I’m anxious to use up my birthday silk from last year before my birthday yarn arrives this year! But I’m also looking forward to Icarus, and doing something with that BMFA silk, and maybe some Handmaiden that I’m hoping to pick up at Stitches…

…so yeah. It’ll be awhile before the Gentle gets used, I think. But aren’t the dreams one of the greatest parts of knitting?

(I updated the version of WordPress that runs this blog, by the way–let me know if you have any problems!)

4 thoughts on “Head in the clouds

  1. Dang, that yarn looks soft! Like, carry-it-around-and-pet-it soft.

  2. Oh, that yarn is just the perfect shade of brown. And I can believe that it is soft.

    I just got my copy of “Gathering of lace” yesterday, and I’m all about lace dreams at the moment.

  3. What a beautiful color! I’ve got to make a shawl this year. I want to experience the magic of blocking for myself.

  4. Yeah, it looks soft. And the colour is gorgeous but how many yards do you have there?? That’s going to be one big shawl! Or it looks it at least. Feel free to send my way if you decide you don’t like it 😉

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