Surprise, surprise, traveling alone with a toddler doesn’t really count as a vacation. I did manage to get some knitting done, though. I finished the swatch I was knitting for Seraphim:

And I started the shawl. I’m currently nearing the end of the second chart, and I have to say, these were a good two weeks to be away from the blog. Because even really nice yarn gets old when you’re knitting a huge, shapeless blob of stockinette.

I am alternating balls, both for the dye lot issue and because there was a small amount of pooling in the swatch. Not something that would necessarily happen when the stitch counts are increasing every row, but hey. You never know. I really love the way it’s shaping up. The yarn has a beautiful sheen, and the color is just gorgeous. (“Java”, for CTH fans.) I have 64 more rows to go before the shawl is finished, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before the guest bed is stepping in as a blocking surface.

Next, I’m excited to knit up some of my leftovers from sweaters into wee vests and sweaters for Jacob, and I absolutely need some hand-knit socks for my tootsies. I think April will be all about instant gratification, chez stash. Anyone interested in a Quick-Fix Knitalong?


I had a great time hanging out and knitting with my partner in crime. With the two of us together, shopping at my favorite vacation yarn stores, you know there was some stash enhancement going on.

(And there’s more, if you can believe that, winding its way to me through the post.) I have a project planned for the tweed but not yet for the Lacey Lamb, which is just divine, let me tell you. As I was lovingly placing them on the shelf in my stash closet, I realized the time had come to catalog the stash so that I know what I have and what I planned for each yarn when I purchased it. How do you all keep track of your stash? I’m thinking about a spreadsheet, embedded with photos if I can figure out how to do it.

8 thoughts on ““Vacation”

  1. That Lacey Lamb looks to die for, as does the Seraphim.

    My attempts to organize the stash consist of a sub-page on my blog, with a photographi record of each type of yarn I have. But I haven’t updated it in forever, mostly out of denial 🙂

  2. Welcome back! 🙂 Gorgeous yarn! Beautiful knitting!

    I’m all about a quick-fix knitalong. I’m having commitment issues with my big projects right now – meaning, I have several in mind, and I can’t pick one. I think some forced small stuff is just what I need.

  3. I love the Seraphim swatch, Amy – it looks wonderful.

    It’s funny that you mention knitting the Harvey vest for Jacob, because your gallery was what inspired me to make it for Ellen. I’ve had that pattern for a while and loved it, but forgot about it until I perused your site. Small, small world… 🙂

    xox, J

  4. That swatch for Seraphim is absolutely stunning. I’ve seen that colorway of CTH in the wild before, but it looks even better knit up. I’ve felt up the Lacey Lamb in a LYS before, and it’s seriously soft, yum.

  5. Lovely swatch, can’t wait to see the shawl itself! 🙂

  6. Based on the swatch, the shawl will be gorgeous! Glad you had a good trip and made it home safely 🙂

  7. Such beautiful knitting here on your blog. I’m glad I found it. The baby hats and sweaters, for instance, are quite stunning. Take care — 🙂

  8. The swatch is stunning. Can swatches be stunning? I think so, since you can envision it repeated. Is that the tweed for an Equestrian Blazer? pretty

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