Glamour, baby!

When I’m knitting Seraphim, which is really pretty easy and mindless to knit, I imagine myself in this alternate life. In it, I can pull the shawl around me for warmth as Jon and I walk along the ocean at Lover’s Point at sunset. I can wear it with a great dress and strappy sandals, because we can escape toddler-home for awhile and be glamorous. And folks, this shawl is going to be glamorous!

Of course, there’s my real life to contend with. I had a very nasty stomach flu this week and went THREE DAYS without knitting a stitch. I swear, the shakes at the end were from knitting withdrawal, not lack of food or water. So I’m still about 18 rows from the end of the shawl.

Aaaand, we also don’t have a regular babysitter here, le sigh, so my fantasies of a stress-free glamorous evening out are a little far-fetched, too. But hey, a girl’s gotta dream. And the grandparents will visit eventually!

I’m still hoping to get the shawl finished tomorrow so that I can cast on some Jaywalkers for the Quick Fix knit-a-long. The next two days should be relaxing, knitting-filled ones. If everything goes according to my fantasy-life plans. 🙂

(Oh, and the ladybug set has found its way to the recipient. Her mother, a knitter, is such a thoughtful soul and sent me pictures of her little girl wearing the sweater! I’m so lucky.)

6 thoughts on “Glamour, baby!

  1. Seraphim is lovely. And that baby is so cute I want to bite her (okay, not really, well, but maybe a little).

  2. Ick! Sorry to hear about the stomach bug!

  3. Oh my gosh! Adorable sweater on an adorable baby!!!

  4. Oh, the ladybugs! Lovely sweater and lovely baby. I love it when people make a point of showing how much they like a knitted gift.

  5. How cute is that baby? Adorable, as is the sweater!

  6. Oooh, I love that sweater! I have Kaya’s knit up to the second row of ladybugs… the last time I picked it up I was 9 weeks pregnant and now she’s 4 months old! Luckily I’m knitting the 24 month size.

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