A fifth question.

One of the elements of the Passover seder is a recital (and non-answer, but that’s a different topic) of four questions, ostensibly from a child, asking why this night is different from all other nights. I’d like to add a fifth:

On all other nights, Mum-mum relaxes over her knitting for a few hours. Why is that on this night, Mum-mum doesn’t get to knit a stitch?

Which is to say that my “quick fix”? Isn’t so quick.

I’m working on the heel flap of my Jaywalker, but only because I decided to shorten the sock by 3/4″. I also tried out something that may not work–I knit the leg in the larger size, then decreased just before starting the heel flap. My calves are pretty huge, so I knew I wanted the extra room there. But my feet are pretty normal. We’ll see!

One of the potential benefits of the quick fix is happening, though. Since I don’t need to concentrate in the slightest, my mind is free to wander to the ever-inspiring list of Things I Want To Knit for Myself. Today’s happy daydream is Salina from Rowan’s Vintage Style. What projects are dancing around in your mind, these days?

3 thoughts on “A fifth question.

  1. Your Jaywalkers are beautiful! I love the colors–the variation works perfectly with this sock.

    As for porjects on my list, I am also thinking about some Cookie A. knee-highs and a shawl for a bridal gift. Other than those I am just keeping my eyes open for the next obsession.

  2. I love the colors in your Jaywalker. An attempt at lace knitting is one of the next things on my list.

  3. Your quick fix is lovely! And I hope you knit a Salina. I wore mine today.

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