I’m knitting as fast as I can!

The problem is, even when the pattern is quick and you love the yarn and you’re flying along, it’s tough to make progress when you have next to zero knitting time.

(Yes, folks, she even multitasks during a photo shoot.)

When we moved to CA last year, one of the major reasons we did so was to allow me to stay home with Jacob. Still, I saw no reason to burn bridges and I told my old employer that if they found themselves with a short-term project matching my skills, I would probably be willing to do some contract work for them. Last week, they offered me a contract to write a short-term report, and I took it. It’s my first outside employment since we moved here 7 months ago, and while I’m enjoying it, it’s sure cut into my knitting time! We still don’t have a babysitter here yet, so I’m squeezing in the research and writing when I can. Hopefully someone will answer my ads at the child development programs of local colleges… we’ll see.

I guess I picked a good month to focus on short-term projects… nothing else would get done!

Happy holidays to those who are celebrating!

2 thoughts on “I’m knitting as fast as I can!

  1. I’m glad you found contract work, because it frees you from having to go job-hunting when you can probably do more at home. If your old job can give you more projects like that, and you deliver what they want, then more power to ya!

    Am lovin’ the sock and the colorway. Multi-tasking, of course. Gorgeous photo, Amy!

  2. Good luck with all your time juggling. The sock are looking beautiful; I am still drooling over that colorway.

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