The Koigu Experience

I finished the sweater for Jacob, but haven’t had time to get modeled pictures yet. I’ll save the FO post for when I have cute shots, but here’s a peek.

The sweater for the Damask is Tulip, from the most recent Rowan magazine. I’m planning on making the sleeves set-in and a bit longer, since cap sleeves just aren’t for me. I’m excited about it, but I’d hoped to wait until May to start it, but I may give in and swatch before then.

Not because I’m that impatient, mind you, but because nothing else is working out right! The koigu, which looked SO beautiful and springy in the hank, and wound up into a cake?

Well, charitably I could call it “splotchy” when knit up. Uncharitably, as in late last night when I just wanted a soothing sock to knit, it could be called vomit in sock form.

I’m so disgusted with it, and remember well how little I could change the STR pooling despite going to insane lengths. So, I’m not going through that again. First interested party who leaves a comment gets the yarn! Please, make it into socks that you love.

The other quick project I had in mind, another indoor cap for the hubby, won’t work either–he doesn’t like the color of 4ply soft I have in the stash and I don’t feel like buying more right now. Sigh.

So what’s a girl to do? Chart and swatch and cast on for Tulip, I suppose, but if anyone else has great ideas for quick projects, I’d LOVE to hear them. Because I’d really like to do something else small with the rest of April!

9 thoughts on “The Koigu Experience

  1. Gasp–I can’t be first, can I? It appears that one woman’s vomit is another woman’s spring shoots 😉

  2. Poop on you Ashley 😉 I guess that makes me the first loser!
    Cute Sweater.

  3. Heh. It reminds me of moss and actually a little of the bog I walked around in MN when it was just starting to come back to life, all the lichen and moss and baby shoots and trees.

    In my experience, vomit has usually been a brownish-orange color. 😉

  4. Aw, too bad the koigu’s not flipping your pancake. And too bad I’m not the first interested party to comment. ‘Cause I loves me some koigu. In fairness though, I have not actually made koigu socks yet. And I have had lengthy discussions about how every once in a while there’s a koigu colorway that seems more like a mistake than anything remotely intentional. I still love it, though. Thanks for the heads up on Tulip. I may have to go track that Rowan down. The sweater is very handsome! Well done.

  5. I think that Koigu is quite pretty but I’ve recently had the same issue with Koigu-vomit. Mine was rainbow colored though. *shudder*

  6. I sort of agree with you about the Koigu, but I’m still bummed that I wasn’t the first to comment. I love the feel of the yarn, and you can always give the socks away to someone who just loooves the color of puke! 🙂

  7. Put vomit sock aside and start working on Tulip.

  8. Puke schmuke. Now why was I too busy to check blogs this weekend?
    Congrats Ashley!

  9. looks like i missed the bus too. too bad too because i think it’s lovely.

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