Cutie Patootie FO

Goodness, is it Tuesday already?!

Pattern: Set-in V-neck pullover, 26″ chest size, from Ann Budd’s holy grail of sweaters

Yarn: Leftover Ultra Alpaca from my grandmother’s lap afghan and my v-neck cardi, 2 hanks of the blue and little bits of the red

Time elapsed: Very little… 4 days?

Thoughts/modifications: The pattern outline is made to be modified, so I’m not sure what to say here. I added little stripes around the edges, used the numbers in the pattern exactly, and basically just didn’t think too much on this sweater. One neat trick I learned was the EZ sewn bind-off for the V-neck, which turned out to be wonderfully stretchy without losing its shape. Such a nice bind-off!

I love the look of set-in sleeves on little ones. The crisp tailoring on such little bodies just fills me with squee. He seems to love the sweater, too, which is great. He hugs it and says “Mama” and tries to put it on. Such a sweet little guy!

(There will be an FO page update tonight some time, so check back if you’re mad for the Jacob photos.)


I started a new pair of socks, after all, after seeing someone else knit up J. Knits sock yarn. I’m trying toe-up stockinette with a picot bind-off, and they look great so far. After that, it’ll be a contest between a Shetland triangle in some Richesse et Soie, and Tulip. Such choices!

19 thoughts on “Cutie Patootie FO

  1. My favorite part? His little bare feet! The sweater is awfully cute too.

  2. OMG! Too cute. And a great sweater, too. How cool that you made both. I can’t remember if I wrote you about the brightness issue yet or not (work is nutty, and I’m stretched thin!), but the photos come across a little dark, but pretty close to true on my monitor at home – also a G4. If I get a chance I’ll check them out on a Dell as well. We’ll miss you this weekend, but you have a standing invite. Just let me know when you decide to visit and the knitting will get scheduled!

  3. Very high squee factor, indeed! Well done. An adorable sweater for and adorable little guy.

  4. A great sweater on such a sweet little guy. Four days for a sweater is impressive too, Amy!

  5. What a perfect little man sweater!

  6. Cutie patootie, indeed! That’s one sharp looking sweater, too.

  7. your little boy is so cute and looks a really, really, lot like a friends little boy named Connor that I used to look after 🙂
    The jumper is adorable on him.

  8. he is so very handsome in that sweater. so cute. how do you not squeeze him constantly?

  9. Oh the little toes are killing me. So cute. And his sweater does make him look like a little man.

  10. Oh he is a adorable with the tractor, sweater and all! Great lightning in the photo too!

  11. Awwwww. Just…. awwww. He’s so cute. And the sweater makes him even cuter. Really nice job.

  12. He’s so cute, and that sweater looks fantastic on him! I never noticed about the set in sleeves on kids, but you’re totally right, and his pants are awesome too!

  13. Ooooh, so cute ! Look at those little toes !!! The sweater looks great, I must do like this for my brother son, for fall …. here, it is 22 stepenC already ….

  14. squee!!! lovely sweater and what a little sweetie he is!

  15. The TOES! Tee hee! 🙂

    Love the sweater – it’s so perfect on him!

  16. “He hugs it and says “Mama” and tries to put it on.”

    AWWWWWWWWW! Sniff. Too cute. (The sweater too!)

  17. The sweater looks great, he is such a handsome little guy.

  18. I knit the toe as you do, I was looking for the name of this method but as I see could me named just like short rows toe cast on…haha I think.

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