Toasty feet FO

Just in time for rainy, foggy, cold weather!

Pattern: Wendy’s generic toe-up socks

Yarn: J. Knits Supersock Me, color “Iowa”

Time Elapsed: One week, almost exactly

Modifications and Notes: It’s such a generic pattern, I’m not sure there *are* modifications. 🙂 I added some stitches to the leg of the sock for fit.

This was my first toe-up sock, and it probably won’t be my last. I loved the ease of trying on the toe-up sock vs. a cuff-down. I used a picot bind-off at the top, and it probably is the last time I’ll do that. I briefly considered ironing it to stay flat just for the photo shoot, and lazed out. I think ribbing with a sewn bind-off would be much more comfortable.

(Of course, Jacob had to help with the pictures. More sock multi-tasking on the FO page.)

I love the J. Knits yarn, especially since it’s been washed. The nylon was a little… I don’t know the correct word, maybe crunchy? …before washing, but after a nice soak the socks are super soft and cushy. It’s a little splitty, but then again, so is most yarn when you use super-pointy tiny metal needles. The color is phenomenal, and didn’t pool a bit.

I’m not all that crazy about the short-row heel. I like the way it doesn’t interrupt what the color is doing, but it doesn’t seem to hug my feet in the same way as a heel flap does. So I’ll probably use it again, but only for handpainted yarn.


I had hopes of doing the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style in some Richesse et Soie I have in the stash and Tulip in May, but my Grandpa gave me a priority interrupt requesting an indoor cap, and it turns out I don’t have enough Richesse et Soie. Poo. :-/ So, Tulip is definitely on the agenda, and probably something warmer, too. Maybe the Slimline Jacket from Debbie Bliss’ “Out of Town”? I have Cashmerino Astrakhan in black for it…

7 thoughts on “Toasty feet FO

  1. Pretty colors! I feel much the same about the short- row heel. I’ve only done one and it seems that it just isn’t the right shape for my heel. It feels okay but not, you know, perfect.

  2. i love how the colors worked up. i’ll have to check out that yarn.

    the only picot cuff i have tried was a picot hem. you sew it down, so it doesn’t flop over. i really liked it–you might want to try it if you enjoy the look of picot but don’t want the floppiness.

  3. Lovely socks! The picot bind off is really cute, even if it is rolling and not staying up so well. If it’s really bugging you, though, you could always tear back a bit and add ribbing instead. But I think it’s cute enough to keep. Good job!

  4. Beautiful socks. They just hug your feet. I really like the picot bind off too. I think it looks very cute. I am glad to hear you like J.Knits as I have one skein in my stash for Flowerbasket.

  5. Those are lovely – the colors are so unusual and so pretty. I’m not a big fan of short-row heels myself – in fact, I avoid them if at all possible. But yours look way better than mine (mine tend to be baggy and flabby). Nice job!

  6. What a lovely color. I’m working on a pair of toe up socks for my brother and I’m with you on the short row heel.

  7. From here these look enough like pumpkin pie to make me really crave pumpkin pie 🙂 They’re super-cute with that picot cuff. One tip if you like the look but dislike the flip-down effect: you can rib the “inside” stitches–the first few rounds) before you do the picot YOS. It’s not a perfect solution, but it helps a little.

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