Flowery FO

This is one sweater that knows how to have fun.

Pattern: Tulip, from Rowan Magazine 41

Yarn: Rowan Damask, color 47, 10 balls for the 39″ size (modified)

Time Elapsed: Nearly an entire month!

Modifications and Notes: I added around 3.5 inches to the length of the body, which led to waist/hip shaping, and I also changed the sleeves from cap to set-in. This was the first time I’ve tried a major restructuring of a pattern, and it definitely caused some hair-tearing moments–particularly with the sloped wrap neckline, which I had to rip out three times. But now that the sweater is done, the only thing wrong is that it’s not warm enough to wear it!

I loved all of the clever touches throughout the pattern. The scalloped edging along the bottom of the sweater and sleeves is created by turning the left-hand needle counterclockwise every 6 stitches. Beautiful, and easy! The ties are 1×1 rib instead of icord, so they have a stretchy belt look, which I really enjoy. The neckline gets the same trim as the bottom edges, except that it’s turned inside out.

A word to those who wish to knit this, though–the way that neck trim is attached is extremely fiddly. You cast on a bajillion stitches, work the twist edging, put the WS of the edging to the RS of the sweater, and pick up through both the sweater’s neckline and the trim stitches, sort of like a 3 needle bind-off. Then you cast off knitwise. It creates this darling little line of knit stitches running perpendicular to the edge, but it wasn’t easy to do.

Rowan is one of my favorite knitting magazines, but I usually find myself thinking about how the sweaters want to be worn by a tall, willowy woman with small breasts. Since I am none of those things, too often the latest Rowan is more inspiration and daydream-fodder than useful pattern source. But Tulip is just great for me. The color change in the Damask nicely camouflages any flabby tummy issues, the wrap style is great for a fuller chest, and the whole thing can go nicely from casual to dressy. The yarn feels silky and soft without being too fussy, as well.

All in all, four thumbs up. It makes me feel like dancing!

(As usual, for more wacky photos and commentary, see the FO page.)

37 thoughts on “Flowery FO

  1. A whole month, hunh? Where on earth are you getting all this knitting time, woman? Or are you just insanely fast? Tulip looks lovely. Nice work, as usual.

  2. The edging’s my favorite part, so pretty. The mods turned out great and definitely worth all that time. πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful!! πŸ™‚ It looks fantastic on you, too!

  4. The first photo ! Oh, it is so great !! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Lovely and fanny πŸ™‚

  5. Lovely, simply Lovely! I love the photos – esp the first one – too cute!

  6. you look so pretty!

  7. It looks great – wear it well!

  8. Another beautifully knit sweater–and it looks great on you!

  9. Wonderful, Amy, just wonderful! Rowan doesn’t flatter you, my foot- you look elegant and beautiful!

  10. Amy, it’s beautiful! I love the pictures, especially the last one.

  11. The edging, even if fiddly, is very beautiful! The sweater looks fantastic on you!

  12. Oh, itΒ΄s beautiful!! The color is perfect! I love this pattern πŸ™‚

  13. Beautiful! And I LOVE that first photo. The fit is great, and I love how the set in sleeves give it a more tailored look. Totally worth the extra effort.

  14. Oh, Amy, it is so beautiful. And fits you so well. I like your version much better than the one in Rowan.

  15. Thanks for your comment!

    Tulip looks fabulous! That’s on my near-term To Knit list, I’ll be reading up on your mods when I start knitting.

  16. Yay! Congratulations – it’s WONDERFUL! Your mods are a definite improvement on the pattern. The sweater is gorgeous and very flattering. Great job! Love the pictures, too. πŸ™‚

  17. It’s just gorgeous on you! Hooray!

  18. Beautiful FO! And gorgeous photos! Your new sweater looks smashing on you.

  19. Looks great! It looks like an FO that will get lots of wear through the summer and early fall.

  20. Lovely! I wasn’t really drawn to this pattern when I saw it in the magazine, but I adore yours!

  21. It’s great to see how well all of your efforts paid off! Way to go! enjoy it.

  22. Oh wow! The sweater looks absolutely gorgeous. The pattern and yarn combo is amazing. I’m glad everything turned out well in spite of all the frogging. (sorry about the repeat @#$@# typed in the wrong url)

  23. you look stunning, and the sweater is beautiful! great pictures, they made me smile. πŸ™‚

  24. Beautiful! All that work definitely paid off, it’s a perfect fit! That edging is very interesting, I may have to steal someone’s rowan mag to take another look at this pattern.

  25. That came out so beautiful! Not only is the sweater lovely, your pictures are, too. I love the fog in the background (though I don’t love it anymore around me, since it’s been here for four days in a row!)

  26. Gorgeous! Your mods look great.
    I hope the fog lifts soon πŸ™‚

  27. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! You did a great job and love the mods and all the sweet details. This might be bumped to the top of the to-knit pile.

  28. The edging is fantastic! Glad to see all of your hard work paid off!

  29. Yay Amy! You did it! Tulip looks wonderful. And those photos are gorgeous. I am so jealous of your misty porch in the woods.

  30. It’s gorgeous! And you look great in it! Well done!

    And, as usual, great photos.

  31. so, so pretty. it looks great on you, especially that color with your hair!

  32. It is so pretty and looks beautiful on you! Yea!

  33. what a great job! i love that top on you.

  34. It’s gorgeous! Great job! You look wonderful in it!

  35. Beautiful sweater! The yarn is perfect for it – it looks so great on you.

  36. goodness, what a gorgeous sweater! i love the moody fog in the background πŸ™‚

  37. That’s gorgeous! I’ve been dreaming of making Tulip for so long!

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