Impatience is my middle name

Jacob would like you to know:

My current knitting is the opposite of good blog-fodder. The lace? Pretty much still the definition of ‘blob’. And eye-searingly red, to boot. The cardigan?

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the most frequently-worn thing I’ve ever knit, but let’s face it: Miles of charcoal stockinette aren’t that much fun to look at. And they definitely require some kind of distraction for the knitter, too.

Maybe it’s because of my project ennui, maybe it’s because I got a very special gift myself recently…

(My grandmother’s sewing machine. My prom dress and many of my favorite childhood toys, clothes, and quilts were created with this machine.)

…but I find myself spending way too much time thinking about the knits I want to make for others. The ones I want to cast on for right now.

Generally speaking, I don’t knit for charity. I’m lucky enough to be able to donate money to my favorite causes, and I’m also pretty selfish with my knits—I want to see them being loved. But I’m also a huge process knitter, and my own taste for knitwear often runs in the tiny-gauge-charcoal-gray-stockinette direction. So I knit a lot of gifts. I’ve tried to knit more for myself this year, and I am beginning to become very impatient with it. Jacob needs another sweater, I have some crimson Hempathy for a lace tank for a toddler friend, I have at least 3 sweaters planned for the holiday season, I’m waiting for some Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran to make its way across the pond for a birthday gift… The gift knits list includes cables, lace, color work, fabulous yarn, patterns by my very favorite designers.

You see the dilemma? So please, please, distract me! What project are you most looking forward to knitting right now?

13 thoughts on “Impatience is my middle name

  1. Jacob is so cute. Look at that hair! You’re coming along very well with the cardigan. All that tiny-gauge-grey-stockinette is an impressive feat. There is no current, logical relationship between what I want to be knitting and what I am knitting and what I’m looking forward to knitting and what I’ll wind up knitting instead. I’m just trying to ride it out in a very zen way. I’m more of a process knitter, too, so I keep telling myself as long as I’m knitting something everything will work out in the end.

  2. Hmm I had a sweater idea pop into my head almost fully formed while watching Zimmerman’s Knitting Glossary the other day. It is all that I can think of now, but I need the yarn for it….so I’m at an impasse right now.

  3. Miles and miles of charcoal stockinette looks good to me. Especially with cutie Jacob on top of it. 🙂

    I’m a bit knit-blocked now too. Both my wrists are inflamed so I can’t finish my current knits and I’ve been doodling a dozen of my own ideas onto paper in the meanwhile for socks and sweaters. I’d love to be able to start on those soon but then again I only have so much time until my sister’s due date and I can’t leave the poor baby cold without hand knits no can I?

  4. That sweater is going to be so perfect when it’s done. I’m a huge fan of miles of charcoal stockinette! And I can’t wait to see what you do with the sewing machine–which, incidentally, I find to be perfect for providing small bits of cheery blog fodder while i’m cranking away on something stockinette-y.

    As for my queue, I have stuff I should be working on–but I REALLY want to cast on for a Josephine after seeing some lovely finished ones around blogland…

  5. Ohhh, what sweater are you making? Sounds like the perfect sweater to me!

  6. See, and I’m just the opposite: I should be starting to knit things for other people (holiday gifts!), and all I can think about is making things for myself. Which is especially funny considering I’ve hardly even picked up my needles for a couple weeks now – just too busy doing other things, no energy for knitting.

    I have to finish up a pair of long fingerless mittens for a customer, and then I’m casting on a Wicked sweater for myself. It’s a lot of stockinette, but not the tiny gauge you’re doing. I commend you. 😉

  7. Jacob is such a cutie, and definitely brightens up some boring knitting!

    I don’t think I have anything that I’m looking forward to knitting – I’ll be in a complete knitting lull once I finish my current projects, eep!

  8. I’m having problems focusing on the WIPs and considering what to do next also. And I tend to like big, complicated projects, even though I should consider some simple quick ones (my husband could definitely use some watch-cap-type hats for the cold weather and a scarf or two). And, I too, after some years of knitting for others have made “me” the focus of this year’s knitting. But I decided, since I’m going to Stitches East for the first time, to work on some things related to classes I’ve signed up for. That definitely simplified some decision as to what to knit next, although marinating in my brain are some sweaters I want to knit using my own designs.

  9. I have really enjoyed viewing your site – and the little cuties too (you know – your human ones!)
    Your projects are lovely and your photos are great for showing them off. And you are a fast knitter!!!!
    Could I bother you to ask what manaquin (Sp???the red body form – can’t spell) you use?
    I do knitting and quilting and I love to wear my handmades. I have been looking all over the internet and I don’t find alot of choices. Yours look new and my friends either found there’s at tag sales or have had them forever! Many thanks for your help!

    Susan in Cincinnati

  10. Little Jacob looks so sweet! My own WIPs keep getting sidelined as well. Hey, LL needs a new tank! Hey, what about a quilt for her? And what about a tank for me?

  11. I have the opposite problem too. Two lace scarves for others exhuasted my good intentions. But I promised one to my mom for her birthday, which is next month and I haven`t casted on yet. And I promised to knit my husband a Rogue (what was I thinking?). I can`t wait to use all the tweed yarn that I somehow stashed during the spring and summer. There is a yummy Jo Sharp Silkroad and then some Yorkshire tweed (About 3 sweaters worth)and Kid Classic. All for me! Do I really have to knit another shawl?

  12. Other than the “A” blanket I’m knitting for my niece, I’m looking forward to knitting socks for my best friend (maid-of-honor at my wedding last fall). She heard I was knitting myself socks (still not finished), and asked for socks. So, somehow I think hers will be done before mine.

  13. I am so in love with that red shawl, I am quite convinced that there is one of those in my future. I just need to work out the yarn. As for knitting for others or not, it’s your call, your time and you get to chose how to spend it. After the wedding shawl, it’s all going to be about me. xx

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