Corner? Turned.

I suppose that most knitters, when they get as bored of their projects as I’ve been, just cast on something new. I’m not sure why I don’t–it’s just not me, I guess. Part guilt, part obsessive-compulsive behavior, who knows. I just can’t make myself do it. Which winds up being okay, because no matter how much a project slogs in the middle, I get more and more excited about it the closer it is to completion.

The main body of the shawl is done, and the top edge is all picot-ed and sweet. Now I need to figure out how to knit and attach the border, which should be lots of fun since I’ve never done it before.

But it’s taking a back seat at the moment–because as much as I love learning new things, I love seaming more.

I realize that some would hold this up as proof of my insanity, and here’s a little more fuel for that fire: Seaming set-in sleeves is my favorite kind of seaming. It’s always the step that brings separate pieces of knitting into a sweater, for me. I love laying all of the pieces out, getting my little pile of safety-pin stitch markers, and easing it all together. I love seeing my yarn bring two pieces of knitting together harmoniously, but not identically. I absolutely adore the mix of straight lines and sloped edges.

And the structure of a finished sleeve totally makes me giggle. Look, ma! I made a sweater!

This sweater pattern instructs the knitter to seam most of the pieces before knitting the wide ribbed collar, to match the length most accurately. It’s a nice detail that I’m a little nervous about, here. I’m not using the recommended yarn and the Zara is stretching a fair amount. I’m going to try to stretch my ribbing slightly when comparing it to the (already blocked) main body of the sweater and pray that it works out. I’m pretty sure it will.

See you this weekend with at least one, and maybe two, FOs!

13 thoughts on “Corner? Turned.

  1. Wow we are kindred spirits because I tend to slog through boring knits with the anticipation of the finish, love seaming sweaters now, am in love with set in sleeves, and pin my sleeves together before seaming. It is amazing. I was even excited seeing YOUR sleeve. Can’t wait to see the finish. Lovely color too.

  2. I wouldn’t call you insane… maybe just a little kooky. 😉 I can definitely not say that I enjoy seaming. I’ll be sure to send all my stuff that needs seams over to you – hah! (Just kidding!)

    Everything’s looking good, though! Your shawl pictures are the cutest. 🙂

  3. I love seaming too! I love it! It is so deeply satisfying.

    If only I had your stick-to-it-iveness on the knitting front, I might actually get to do it more 🙂

  4. My inner seaming dweeb hears your siren song! I teach the finishing class at my LYS; I totally understand.

  5. I struggle so much with seaming! I think I should go to a class on finishing!

  6. Mattress stitch is like magic and a well executued seam is a joy to behold. That said, I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never love seaming the way I love knitting. I don’t hate it or procrastinate doing it and I think I’m reasonably good at it (though I don’t pin the pieces like I ought to), but I’m always aware that the process of it doesn’t satisfy me the way the process of knitting does. So good on you and more power to you that you enjoy seaming so much. I’m sure that enjoyment shows in the quality of your seams, too. I think your plan for the collar will work out just fine. Can’t wait to see it!

  7. Your seam looks perfect! Can’t wait to see both FO’s!

  8. Oh, I can’t wait to see the sweater completed – How gorgeous! So, you really love to seam…hmmmm.

    : )

  9. Are we there yet? I can`t wait to see the projects finished. Your seams look perfect. The little green and orange thingies are safety pin stitch markers? They look like something that could make my life much easier.

  10. Those locking stitch markers are my favorite knitting “tool”! I love to seam also. It’s so nice and neat and methodical. I bet you like kitchnering too? I do for the same reasons.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  11. I’m so glad to find another knitter (not to mention the commenters) who likes seaming. I find it tremendously satisfying too. In addition to mattress stitch, though, I find crocheted seams to work exceedingly well. They’re particularly handy for easing in sleeves to an armhole and you can make them nearly invisible so you see nothing on the right side. If you’re careful, they’re no bulkier than a three-needle bindoff. I’ve also found Knit Klips to help keep the pieces from moving around while you’re assembling them. I tend to use the markers that you show to mark where the seams should align. I’ll look forward to the modeling of the FOs.

  12. I actually like seaming too. It makes me feel talented and powerful. Plus there is all the anticipation of what it will look like when put together. Your seeming looks flawless by the way.

  13. I’m sure that being committed to one or two projects is much more fufilling than being “conventional” and casting on for new things with works still in progress. I am, unfortunately, guilty of getting bored with projects all the time. I always feel guilty afterwards, too :(.

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