Hustle and Bustle

So what have I been up to?

A pretty good (long) weekend, I’d say. And even if it took me until tonight to finish that silly cardigan, I forgive it everything. It is the bestest thing ever. Wait ’till you see it, I’m so excited.

(insert clever segue here)

Ashley and Ms. Octopus are the bestest people ever, because (sweeties that they are), they both paid me the nicest compliment!

I’m extremely flattered, especially since I’ve been feeling so lackluster about these projects dragging on forever. But things like this award always make me a little nervous, too, because how do I choose just five (or ten, or twenty…) other knitbloggers? When I read and enjoy dozens and dozens? The thought makes me run around in little neurotic circles.

But! One of the things they teach you as a manager is to make decisions even under impossible conditions with imperfect information, so I’ll pass the award on to

  • Marlena, my oldest real-life friend, with whom I’m thrilled to share this obsession,
  • Becky, the very first knitblogger I read,
  • Wendy, who taught me to love the socks and the lace,
  • Diana, because she is the best kind of knitblogger to hang out with in real life,
  • and Ellen, because nobody rocks as hard as the woman who keeps me in great yarn.

You ladies rock!

Really, though, there’s no such thing as a complete list of all of the knitbloggers I think deserve this award. I’ve learned so much from everyone I read. And especially over this last year, having moved to a new place in relative isolation, feeling connected to so many people has been tremendously important to me. Thanks a ton, y’all.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff. I’m off to attach a border to a shawl! Wish me luck and a few good margaritas.

10 thoughts on “Hustle and Bustle

  1. Well done on your award! I am excited to see your sweater!

  2. You *do* rock, Amy!

    Um, can I have one of those cookies? 🙂

  3. Those wouldn’t happen to be the peach cookies from the August Martha, would they? I was thinking about giving them a whirl…

    You DO rock, and that picture of Jacob is so freakin’ adorable that it made me make my Cute Overload squeak.

  4. congratulations 🙂 also, i second laura’s cookie love; they look delicious.

    i’m waiting with baited breath to see the final shots of your cardi–the first time i saw the project on your blog, i totally fell in love with it and immediately ordered yarn for my own!

  5. Congrats on your award! You’re awesome 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your cardi. The sneak peeks are killing me!

  6. Wow! Thanks Amy! That is a compliment indeed! I eagerly await your pics of the cardi….

  7. Hey you! Thanks! And I can’t wait to see the cardigan.

  8. Please post your cardigan soon, I love the simple, classic pattern, and I’ve been dying to see how it turns out! I hope it’s got the same sort of drape as the original.

    And I loved your pics of seaming! I have to admit, I get a lot of satisfaction out of seaming as well!

  9. Congratulations on your award. It is totally deserved. You really do rock.
    Your cardi is looking so great, I can`t wait to see more.
    You have quite an impatient crowd here waiting for your cardigan…

  10. I like your blog a lot but don’t get to read it regularly at this point…had to ask though – I LOVE your rug. Is it available mass-market?

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