Palate Cleanser FO

Sometimes, when it’s been a really rough week and you’ve had to rip out a few hours of work on an incredibly dull lace shawl border, you just need a little breath of fresh air.

Pattern: Chevron Lace Top, from Debbie Bliss’ “Wish You Were Here” collection, 2-3 year size

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold’s Hempathy, 2.5 balls of color 13

Time Elapsed: Under a week

Modifications and notes: There’s really not much to say about this one. The lace pattern as marked has a small error (a row ending in k1 when it should be k2), but otherwise it’s a clear and simple pattern, very easy to knit. I love the little details that Debbie Bliss puts into her patterns, especially for babies and children. There’s a little decrease detail at the middle of the v-neck, the sleeves are set in, the top will look great over a tank in summer or over a turtleneck in winter.

Really, the story with this top is the yarn. I have wanted to try Hempathy for awhile now, but just got around to it with this project. The yarn is obviously splitty, when you look at it, and it feels somewhat rough in the ball. My tension, which is usually very even (if I do say so myself), was somewhat off with this yarn just off the needles. But the color is gorgeous, and any trace of roughness or uneven fabric goes away with a good soak. This is one of the softer, silkier things I’ve ever knit. The drape is incredible. I’m very excited about the 6 balls of a tweedy tan I picked up in Maine for a modified version of this top.

So that’s it, really. (Well, aside from the usual on the FO page.) A sweet, quick, easy top to clear my mind and get me rejuvenated on the shawl.

It’s going much better, this time around. And I may have started on something else, too…

I figured, the yarn’s been in time-out for over a year. It’s probably learned its lesson, right?

12 thoughts on “Palate Cleanser FO

  1. Your top is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Great new top! I’m so impressed with how quickly you banged that out. Thank you for the yarn review. Must keep all that in mind. The color is stunning for sure. Hang in there on the shawl. I’m sorry you had to do some ripping, but it looks like it’s coming along very well and will be quite lovely and worth it in the end.

  3. The top is a great colour. I like the idea of knitting with hemp, linen and all those other alternatives to wool. Must hunt some out!

  4. Lovely new top – man, that was quick! I wasn’t all that into Hempathy when I tried it, so props to you for making it look so pretty.

  5. Is that Pebble Beach yarn that I spy?? If so, yum, I can’t wait to see what you do with yours as mine has not yet decided what it wants to be when (if?) it grows up. x

  6. Cute top! I need to try the Hempathy yarn. And I really like the colors of the yarn at the botttom. Very sweet!

  7. Love the colors of the yarn in the bottom pick…what is it?

  8. Very pretty! Good to hear you liked the hempathy so much — I’ll definitely have to try it sometime. The shawl border is looking lovely, and that swatch has picqued my interest…

  9. What a cute little top. And what a beautiful color of Hempathy :-)) It is the same one I am using for Eileen, only you are much better at taking pictures of it. Mine alway come out either purple or orange. I really like the top you chose for your tan Hempathy. I can`t wait to see what you are going to do with it.

  10. The border of your shawl looks very complicated. Don’t give up, it will be great. And it’s always better to rip and do it right than to have obvious mistakes (even if they are obvious only to you). It’s beautiful!

  11. Your son is soooooo cute! I must admit that I normally just look at your pictures to update myself and get inspired before I go on to other Swedish bloggers, but whenever Jacob appears I just smile. What a smile!

  12. Hi
    I hope you don’t mind me asking you a question about the Chevron Lace Top from Debbie Bliss wish you were here.
    I ordered the book and yarn from Angel Yarns about 5 weeks ago now. My yarn came but not the book it was out of stock, so as I wait I have been trawling the knitting blogs to see if anyone else has done it as I was hoping to knit this top for my Niece, for Christmas I came across your blog. It gave me hope because you said it knit up quite quickly and I can just about work out from your photographs the pattern but could I ask you, the V neckline is is worked as part of the top or are the stitches picked up afterwards.
    If you have time to reply I would really appreciate it.
    Your top looks beautiful and I hope I can achieve something similar.
    Thank you for your time

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