FO: Curves ahead

This week has been a doozy, what with the yarn urchin turning two and all, but I did manage to block the shawl and take some pictures.

Pattern: A curved shawl with diamond edging, from Victorian Lace Today

Yarn: Lacey Lamb, in Blueblood Red, under 1 ball

Time Elapsed: Around 2.5 months, although I knit other stuff during this time

Modifications/Notes: I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, including the yarn and even the color of the yarn! I love the way it turned out. Maybe I’m being influenced by the book, here, but it’s a very proper shawl and seems to cry out for a crisp white shirt, charcoal business skirt, and some knee-high boots. Of course, I don’t work in an office anymore, so it’s more likely to be employed in a rather casual ensemble.

So, okay. Given that I just love (loveloveLOVE) the finished product, here’s the thing. Those adorable tiny little circles? Mean almost two hundred four-row repeats.

Said repeats involve double decreases, and so knitting this shawl was at once boring enough that I craved television, and fiddly enough that I couldn’t watch it. The border was the same way–50-ish repeats over 16 stitches. So while the finished product really is everything I’d hoped, I just can’t recommend the pattern unreservedly. Be prepared for some major slogging. There. I said it.

Mostly, I should now tell you about the yarn and the needles. LOVE the Addi lace needles. Just love them. They kept my stitches in place when I wanted them in place, and still allowed them to slide freely. But more than I loved the needles, I loved the yarn. It’s thin, true, but I’ve never in my life felt something so soft (at least for under $200). It feels like cashmere mixed with silk mixed with clouds, even though it’s only merino. The shawl is lofty, floats in air, and still manages to give warmth. I couldn’t get it away from Jacob.

That’s that! Eight billion more pictures, as usual, on the FO page.


(Pssst! I finished the Sidewinders, too. Hopefully pictures today!)

31 thoughts on “FO: Curves ahead

  1. That shawl is so unbelievably gorgeous… I don’t even have to feel it, it *looks* like it floats. Just beautiful! And actually, I think it’s perfect with a black top and jeans – I like it even better than the more “proper” ensemble. 🙂

    I’d never have the patience to slog through a pattern like that, though – not even for a finished object as dreamy as that. Kudos to you in a major way!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  3. That shawl is incredibly beautiful. I love the colour and the pattern. It’s just simply gorgeous.

  4. W-O-W… that is stunning! Congrats to you for working trough the boringness, it really paid off.

  5. The slogging was worth it. It’s simply gorgeous! And while I love it on you, it looks good on your model as well 🙂

  6. Oooh, it’s really beautiful! I love those little circles, but I can see this being a project that sloggs along… you finished it though, and I never would have… not in 2.5 months… maybe after putting it down for a few months, working on it for a few days, rinse, repeat for a few years!

    I hope you enjoyed the little guy’s b’day festivities!

  7. I am awed, and wordless, so I’ll just steal everyone else’s words: Beautiful, Gorgeous, Stunning, Incredible, Unbelievable. It really is.

    The bazillion circles? O_O

  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for the warning about the slogging, I have this shawl in my queue.

    Also, your hair looks INCREDIBLE in those pictures. Did you have it blown out?

    Happy Birthday, Jacob!

  9. The shawl is gorgeous. I love the curved shape and the border is really beautiful. And I agree with Casey, it looks great with the black top. Congratulations on finishing it. I started a cardigan from Vogue knitting in a similar circle pattern about a year and half ago. It is still in my basket! Hopefully your shawl will motivate me to finally finish it.

  10. Gorgeous!!! I can’t blame Jacob – I wouldn’t have taken it off, either!

  11. An absolutely beautiful shawl. Great job!! And, although it looks great on you, it’s hard to compete with that adorable short redhead! Loved the extra pictures, too.

  12. It is SO beautiful. I love love the color… and your fo shots are awesome 🙂

  13. A slog? I guess. Fabulous? I know!

  14. Oh man–that is just unbelievable. So, so pretty, and all the more impressive given the slog factor. And of course, it looks perfect on Jacob 🙂

    And with this and the Sidewinders done, you’ll be finished with your sweater in no time, and then on to Twisted Yoke! You’ll catch up to me in no time–I have all of 15 rows knit.

  15. Beautiful! I bet you’re glad now that you slogged along? Because Jacob sure looks like he is. 🙂

  16. i wish i didn’t work in an office anymore, either! great job with the shawl, and as always jacob is a total cutie-pie.

  17. That is SO beautiful! It looks gorgeous on you, and worth all the work!

  18. Your shawl is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful work.
    And happy birthday to the little man.

  19. I’m so glad the slog was worth it. It looks great with jeans, too!

  20. Nice with the white shirt, but a KNOCKOUT with the black tee and jeans! Beautiful shawl, beautiful child, fantastic combination. Kudos on a job well done.

  21. Wow, I’m quite impressed! I’m having trouble finishing simple gloves, :/

  22. Beautiful job! I do love how the red looks with the pattern against the white shirt. Very nice! I’m all for wearing shawls with any outfit!

  23. gorgeous to you to lady!! what a beautiful finished product! those little circles are so cute, but yeah that looks like a lot of work. Time to enjoy!

  24. Stunning! I just love it! It’s really beautiful with more casual clothing, and even though you may have had to “slog,” I think it is so worth it!

    (oh, and the Sidewinder and birthday sweater look great, too — and, of course, Jacob is cute, as always!)

  25. beautiful. i love the color.

  26. Simply stunning! You’ve totally inspired me to try this pattern.

  27. Tedious work and great job on it!

  28. I love to see people wear their lace with casual ensembles. So many people don’t knit lace because they claim to have no occasion to wear it. Isn’t today in your jeans a good enough reason to wear your lace?

    I’ve been admiring that shawl, and seeing it finished, I may need to settle in for the slog (she says as she is complaining about her current lace slog…)

  29. I love this. L.o.v.e. All those little circles! Awesome! I totally want one. The lacey lamb seems like a great yarn, I always find myself squishing it in yarn stores and admiring its softness.

  30. Stunning shawl! It’ll class up any ensemble.

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