Resident FO

I had big photoshoot plans for these socks, but I just couldn’t get good pictures of them and my local beach together. So, boring back porch photo shoot it is!

Pattern: The amazing Nona’s Sidewinders

Yarn:Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock, lightweight, Pebble Beach colorway

Time Elapsed: About a week. Maybe a little less–these were hard to put down!

Modifications/Notes: The only modification I made was to add two sets of short rows to accommodate my ginormous calves. This was extremely easy to do. One of the biggest things I love about this pattern is that it’s very very clever, but also very understandable. The way they’re constructed just makes sense.

Start with a provisional cast-on, decrease for the heel, increase for the toe, decrease for the toe, increase for the heel, graft. Super-easy and hella fun.

The other thing I love about this pattern is what it does for pooly sock yarn. It doesn’t entirely stop the yarn from pooling, but somehow minor pooling looks better to me when it happens in a vertical stripe along the foot. And that’s a good thing, because the pooling was so bad I was starting to despair of wearing this very special yarn.

I bought the yarn while pregnant with Jacob, shortly after I visited the Monterey area for the first time, to console myself since we would never be able to live near Pebble Beach. (Jon had gotten some feelers about an academic position here, so we decided to check it out on our vacation.) After Jacob was born, we all realized just how much we wanted me to stay home with our kids, and we re-investigated that academic job offer. Turns out that it was feasible after all, and here we are in Pebble Beach! Life is funny, sometimes.

Now that we’ve lived here for a year, of course, we’re dying to get out–the fog bank is just too depressing. Hopefully soon we’ll be moving to a sunnier part of Monterey. And now, through this move and any others we make in the future, I’ll have some fantastic socks to remind me of our time here.

If Jacob ever gives them back, that is.

(You bet your bottom dollar I did a FO page–Check it out!)

21 thoughts on “Resident FO

  1. Lucky you! For a little while, I had fantasies of my DH getting an academic job on the Monterey peninsula. But I think he’s more suited to his current job. It would be nice to be a little closer to the Bay Area, though.

  2. okay, it’s about time that I comment on your blog. I found it through Marlena’s blog and I just can’t help checking out your knitting. Aside from your wonderful knitting, Jacob is like THE cutest kid on the planet. Seriously. The. Cutest. Ever.

    it’s been a super long time– I hope you’re doing well– it certainly seems that you are!

  3. the sidewinders came out great! i’m definitely going to have to try this pattern after seeing yours!

  4. Those turned out great. I’m completely mystified as to how those sidewinders get put together… Your son is so cute running around in them! Any chance you had some leftover that I could barter for? I came up short on my jaywalkers in the same colorway and I just need a bit to finish the toe!

  5. I found your site through another blog, and I love it! Love your work and love your little red headed boy! I have a red head, too …. and she’s a mess.

  6. Oh yes, Sidewinders, one of my languishing UFOs. So lovely, so clever… so jealous!!!

  7. Ok. He’s just cute!

  8. They’re beautiful, and what a great fit! No wonder Jacob doesn’t want to take them off — they match his dinosaur suit quite well…

    Fog aside, what a great place to live!

  9. I think Jacob in those socks is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    But you already know I’ve got a huge crush on Jacob.

  10. There is no possible way to have a boring photo shoot with that little cutie! Great socks!

  11. Those are so cool! And those pics of Jacob in them are just priceless.

  12. Nice job on those sidewinders. That might be the perfect yarn for that pattern.

    And little Jacob has the best hair! We red heads have to stick together.

  13. I love that first picture! those toes look so cozy! and what a great colourway… I need to get on some sock making

  14. Very nice!! I just discovered your blog yesterday and I LOVE the pics with your son!! Just love them! :oD

  15. Love the stripe action on your socks! Also, your red shawl from the previous post is beautiful.

  16. Those socks look terrific, and Jacob is (yet again) a superb model.

    I love the way variegated yarn looks in the skein, but I’ve developed a real aversion to striping. That pattern is a good one, and I’ll have to see if it works for any stash yarn. I’ve been trying to restrain myself and just buy dyed yarn with very subtle color changes.

  17. How cool! I never thought of that pattern as a cure for pooling! Now I *have* to make them!!!
    I love the colorway you used!

  18. They are great… I’d really like to try this pattern, but socks are always my mindless project. Maybe I’ll be able to push through after seeing yours… onto the Ravelry queue they go!

  19. Well done! I totally agree about how the stripes this pattern seems to evoke from all variegated yarns just *works*. They look great.

  20. These are so bizarre and fun! Mind if I link to them?

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