Recycled air

Planes, if nothing else, are good for knitting. (That is, assuming one is not traveling with a toddler. I’d almost forgotten what it was like!) The trip went well, the new tenants are pretty funny and seem like good folks, I got a ton and a half of knitting done, and upon my return I found out that we got a house we’d been trying to rent for almost a month. Better location, larger, lovely, all newly renovated, and way cheaper per month. We’re beyond excited, but also rather busy.

Still, I’m to the heel on a monkey.

I’m going to do just 5 repeats of the lace pattern on this, because I’m worried I won’t have enough Koigu. I also, truth be told, tend to like the slightly shorter socks. Not anklets, but also not something that will have to contend with my calves of doom. I’m really enjoying the knitting, and I love the way the lace pattern plays with the color changes. I understand, now, why these are all over blogland.

I also understand why man-sized sweaters in aran weight cotton *aren’t*:

I just adore the way this is turning out, and it’s going to look fabulous on Neil. But my gosh, am I ready to be done with this stuff. It hurts my hands like a 10-day MMORPG binge. It’s nuts. Fortunately, I have only 4 inches of front left, and then it’s seaming and collaring. Should be done by the weekend, I think. And then, Tangled Yoke! A secret tank that’s totally unlike me! A finished pair of socks! Holiday knitting!

…not necessarily in that order. Do I have itchy fingers, or what?!

16 thoughts on “Recycled air

  1. WOW! Those socks look AMAZING!! Love your top too!

  2. Monkeys truly are the saviour of all yarns variagated. 🙂

    I really applaud the cotton sweater! I can’t even imagine how much my hands would hurt after knitting that. True love, indeed.

  3. I’m not normally a fan of multi-coloured Monkeys, but I love the way yours are turning out. Mind you, it’s hard to go wrong with Koigu. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  4. That’s EXACTLY how I felt when I knit Monkeys for my sock pal–oh, THAT’S why people love them so. I’m pretty sure the next pair I knit for myself are going to be monkeylicious.

    Yay on the house, btw–having the right place to live makes such a difference.

  5. Wow the colors on the monkey are great and the sweater too!! you have some great knits coming off the needles. Just in time to jump into some more :O)

  6. Your Monkeys look fab – isn’t that pattern the best? It’s so gorgeous in variegated yarns. I like the title of your post, too – it makes me think of the Postal Service song.

  7. Your monkeys look gorgeous. I love the color!
    And I can’t believe how quickly you’re zooming through that man-sized sweater. Amazing!

  8. Your monkey socks are looking good, I still haven’t cast on for mine! I also still have not tried Koigu yarn, must do that this year!

  9. oooo…. nice monkey!

  10. A man-sized sweater in aran-weight COTTON?! That’s love.

    Nice socks! 🙂

  11. I love the socks. Soooo pretty!

    You are brave to use so much cotton.

  12. i love how the monkey pattern works with variegated yarns. yours looks great!
    i made one a few months ago from koigu and i recall having just enough in that one skein to knit it as written. now if i could just finish the pair!

  13. Love the socks. And Neil better love that sweater! There’s a reason why I haven’t knit BL some man sweaters in awhile….

  14. I feel as if I’m the only person in blogland who hasn’t knit those socks, but I have the pattern printed out to use soon. I hope the yarn I select is half as beautiful as yours–those are sensational. Whenever I knit for men, there is a point where I question my sanity because the sweater or socks (scarves seem to be exempt) seem to go on forever. I keep thinking that my son and husband can’t be that much bigger than I am, but I’m just wrong.

  15. Wow, that sweater is lovely. Extra kudos for the cotton. My knuckles ache for you! The color of your monkeys is just amazing.

  16. You DO have itchy fingers. Nice monkey color and that is definitely true love to be making your man a sweater from cotton. He is lucky!

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