Just keep knitting… just keep knitting…

Sorry about the radio silence. It’s been quite the… well, let’s just say it’s been a surprising week.

Knitting has happened, of course. Spurred on by Sil’s fab Tangled Yoke, I finished the main part of the body. It’s been pretty sloggy so far, but this feels like a big milestone. Now, just the bottom part of the sleeves before I can join the whole thing and get to the fun part!

I think this is going to be a cardigan I wear a lot, and I hope to have it finished in time to wear it to Rhinebeck. I’m flying back East and going to the festival for the first time this year, with my favorite partner in yarny crime. I’m so excited I can barely even stand it!

Despite spending less than half the time on the Waterlily top than I have on Tangled Yoke, I’m nearly as far.

This is an interesting project, if nothing else. It’s weird knitting on such enormous needles, and the “yarn” doesn’t always act like such. But I do like the fabric it’s producing, and you know what? It’s really good to stretch my boundaries a little. If nothing else, I’m enjoying the process.

My other fun knitting news is that the sign-ups are open for the next Stitches West, and I’m treating myself to a weekend of classes, this year. I’m taking a bunch on pattern modification and design, and I’m really looking forward to it. If anyone else decides to go, definitely let me know. Between this and Rhinebeck, I have two whole weekends of relaxing knitting to look forward to. How did I get so lucky?!

13 thoughts on “Just keep knitting… just keep knitting…

  1. Oooh, I KNEW you’d kick my butt with the Tangled Yoke! Weeks’ worth of head start, and you’ve already passed me! Well, more power to you: I look forward to using yours as an inspiration to finish mine 🙂

  2. Your Tangled Yoke is looking lovely and I am positively green with envy that you are going to Rhinebeck. Have fun!!!

  3. The classes sound fab! I am glad that you have moved along well with Tangled Yolk, it will look good!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog – I love yours! I also have the Tangled Yoke cardigan on my ravelry queue and cannot wait to get to it. Looking fwd to seeing how your top turns out.

  5. I can’t wait to see these finished!

  6. Dang girl! You are flying on the TYC! I am so jealous. I really need to get started on mine. Have a great time at Stitches and Rhinebeck. You deserve the time to relax!

    BTW – I finished my Jaywalkers with that little bit of yarn you sent. A year and a half after beginning them, i finally finished. Thanks again!

  7. Both projects are looking beautiful!

  8. The Tangled Yoke is looking great! You’ll get it done by Rhinebeck, I’m sure.

  9. I made the Waterlily top in Jay – a really nice dark blue/plum colorway – and I really liked it when finished. BUT, the front stretched after a few wearings and I had to rip about 3 inches back from the top front armholes and reseam to get the bottom hem to line up right again. Just an FYI. It’d be a great maternity top without that mod, but not the look I was after.

  10. Yes, the great chasm that is the stockinette on the Tangled Yoke cardi is enormous… Alas… Though your Waterlily Top is looking great! The colors will be great for fall.

  11. I’ll be at Rhinebeck too – I help out each year at my Mom’s booth [Ewe ‘n Me Merinos] I’d love to see you if you’ve time to stop by. I’m traveling solo with Patrick & Ian. Cat

  12. thanks for the birthday wishes!! I got yarn gift certificates… yay!!

  13. WOW that Tangled Yoke is such a gorgeous shade of blue…

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