Pop quiz!

Quick, would you call either of these a deep color?

Thanks for your opinions in advance!


The Tangled Yoke is moving along, but slowly since the sleeves are knit on dpns. Before casting on for the first one, I decided to take two days (!!) and mostly finish the Waterlily Top:

It needs a serious blocking/pressing. The bottom needs to be bound off. The back doesn’t exist above the armholes… but seriously. There’s at most an evening’s worth of work to finish the thing. I’ve never knit a top so quickly.

The jury is still out on it. I think my mods are flattering enough, but I’m starting to get nervous that it just doesn’t mesh with my personality very well. Like it’s something I would have worn at 25, on a flirty spring or fall day, but is maybe not something I want to wear at 32 while taking the kiddo to the playground. We’ll see when it’s finished, I guess.


(Note these clever segues! However do I think of them?)

We’re moving on Monday, and I got the terrible (horrible, no-good, very bad) news today that we’ll be without internet access for UP TO A WEEK. How am I supposed to function?! So look for an update on Friday, and then probably a couple of FO shoots around a week later. Wish me luck!

25 thoughts on “Pop quiz!

  1. A week! Yow. I’d be getting the shakes.

    Re: the yarn, I would say that of the two, the purple is closer to deep, wile the red’s more of a bright. But I would actually call the purple maybe “muted”–but either way I really like it.

  2. The red one looks as if could possibly count as deep, although honestly how can one tell from a photo on a computer? The purple looks like it is a little bit softer than the red, not really a deep purple. I hope that helps.

  3. “Deep” isn’t the first word that comes to my mine about those two colors. So, no, I wouldn’t say they are deep.

    I’m going to finally cast on for my TYC this weekend! Yay. Good luck with the move and braving the world without internet for a week!

  4. I would say the second one is deeper – by that I mean more saturated. I’m not sure what “deep” means, though. The purple has more depth of color, but the tone is more muted.

  5. I think the purple is more of a medium color, and the red is closer to deep.

    Good luck with your move!

  6. I think it depends on whether or not the photos are true to color. Some of the red seems to have different lighting and so pieces of it look “deeper” than others. I think the purple would be a deeper color on a color scale. The red would have to have darker tones, although it seems to be more saturated in the photo.

  7. the top looks fabulous! Good luck finishing it, I’m sure it will look great. Good luck moving.
    Oh, I’d say the red looks deep but the purple doesn’t.

  8. I would call the purple one “deep” – I think it’s dark enough. The red, not so much… I’d call the red “rich”.

    I love the top! I’m of the opinion that anything can work through the wonders of layering, so I’m sure you’ll manage to make it work. I hope so, anyway!

  9. I hope the move goes well and you get your internet faster than expected!

    Hmmmm, both colors are lovely, I like the purple the best – it’s muted and slightly deep. Does that make sense?

  10. I’d call the purple deep if I had to pick! The red is more bright and “rich”….

  11. hmmm… the purple one could be considered “deep,” depending on how it looks in real life (it’s so hard to show colors realistically on a computer monitor).

    good luck with the move! being without internet access may cause anxiety at first, but you might just find yourself enjoying the break from your computer after a while 🙂

  12. I don’t think that the colours are deep but they are very nice! Waterlily is great and good luck with moving. Take the time to get sorted without the interuption of the computer!

  13. The blackberry is deeper than the cranberry (which I would call bright), but neither is particularly deep.

    The Waterlily top is great!

  14. I think the Waterlily top would look lovely with a white skirt. Maybe not on the playground…but on a date or at a summery party.

    Good luck with the move. We’ll see you when you get back!

  15. The yarn: I know why you are asking, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call either of the colors deep, the top purple-y one is so lovely and you should totally go with that one. It’s a good choice. 😉

    happy moving thoughts!

  16. Good luck with moving! Don’t worry about the lack of internets–more time for you to knit!

    As for the colors–judging from what I see on my monitor, they’re more mid-range. When I think deep, I think more saturated, darker color, not too much light reflection; deep sea blue, deep green forests, that kind of thing. The red is certainly bright, too.

  17. I think they could both be deeper and by that I mean more saturated. The red is deeper than the purple. The top looks totally cool. Very hip and fashionable.

  18. I would say the purple is deeper than the red. But maybe it’s just my computer screen. Go with your gut!
    The top is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to see it finished. Every time I look at your WIP pictures I think, I want a dress form!
    Good luck with your move! I’ll miss the pictures on your deck though.

  19. I would go with the purple as a deep color. The red seems too bright. The tank is cute! I like the detail in the neckline. 🙂

  20. I think either could qualify as deep, but definitely the red more than the purple.

  21. Like most of the commenters already, I would really call either one of them “deep,” but the red is certainly deep-er than the purple. Both yarns are lovely though!

    I think the top is adorable, especially with your modifications!

  22. I think the second looks like a deep color. I think the purple is a bit faded for being “deep”. I like them both though.

    I think the tank is coming along well. You could always put a cardigan over it for the playground and wear it plain for a fun date with your husband!

  23. no. I would not call either of them deep. I wouldn’t call them pale or light either though. They look ‘medium’ to me.

    Good luck on the tangled yoke. I like your yarn choice.

  24. I’m late about this, but I’ll also say that neither are deep to me. If you really want to make one deep, then I’d choose the purple.

    The Waterlilly top looks amazing! You’ve taken a meh pattern and made it look incredible, bravo!

    Good luck on your move!

  25. Okay, so I am just catching up with all my blog reading but I thought I would throw my two cents in. I would say the purple is deep. Although, I guess the red could be considered deep too…I can see why you asked. Both are gorgeous colors though.

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