Socks and sox

Thank you all so very, very much for your wonderful support. After such a needed break, coming home to hubby and Jacob has been incredibly helpful, and I’m feeling lots better than I was a week ago. Of course, the Sox doing so well in the world series and all of that yarn don’t hurt, either.

My excitement for my knitting returned today. I was looking at the Waterlily top on my dressform this morning, and realizing that I can now take some proper FO shoots (the boob fairy had brought her unwelcome bounty by the time I finished it, and thankfully she has now taken it away again). So that’ll be happening some time soon. I finished my swatch for the Tangled Yoke cables, as well. It looks good, so now on to the 300+ stitches/row cabley goodness.

Oh, and I’ve been working on a sock.

It’s Eleanora, by Miriam Felton, and I just wasn’t satisfied with the slip-stitch heel called for in the pattern. I like the heel pictured above better, but it’s going to be ripped out again because of the mistake on the left side pictured. And since I’m going to rip it out, I’m wondering: Should I make the widening of the double moss stitch more gradual? Like, instead of shifting 2 stitches every row, do them every other row, maybe? Thoughts? Critiques? Is the sock totally and completely hideous and I’m just not seeing it? (It’s for someone else, so I’m going through much more self-doubt than usual with this project. Damn perfectionism.)

I’m really hoping to finish both the sock and the sweater by the end of October, and head into November with a totally clean slate. Think I can do it?

17 thoughts on “Socks and sox

  1. WOW, Eleanora is in no way hideous, love the color especially!!

  2. It’s absolutely stunning, Amy! The color is scrumptious. I think widening the double moss stitch more gradually would work well, actually; though it’s pretty the way it is too.

  3. Ooh – that is really pretty. I like the widening of the moss stitch as is – the more dramatic change makes it, well, more dramatic! 🙂

  4. What mistake on the left side? Seriously. And I agree with Stacey–I like the suggen heel transition.

  5. Eleanora is fabulous! Love the color…you’re being too critical. You can certainly be ready to start November with a clean slate.

  6. I can’t wait to see all your finished objects, and so quickly!
    I think the sock looks great as it is. The pattern and the yarn go really nicely together. Lovely work, as always!

  7. Love love love the sock. So lovely.

    I have no advice on the pattern modifications, though.

  8. I scrolled down to the photo before reading your text and mumbled “how pretty” to myself–so I’d change nothing. It really looks great.

  9. I think Eleanora is lovely (great color, too)! I like it the way it is : )

  10. You can do it! I can`t wait to see all the finished projects.
    What a beautiful color of Eleanora. It looks lovely. I love the contrast of the horizontal and vertical lines.

  11. I think the shifting rate looks right, and the sock is definitely not hideous!

  12. The sock is beautiful! I wouldn’t change a thing. The plum color is really lovely too.

  13. I will cheer you on to finish by the end of November! I look forward to seeingthe Waterlily top and the mods you did on it. It was on my list of to knits.

  14. Honey, hush with all the self-doubt. It’s fine!

    I hope you are OK today.

  15. I’ve been reading through your archives and I have to say that you have a wonderful blog full of beautiful pictures and great posts! Lovely.

  16. I really like your Eleanora sock! Sock and a sweater by the end of November? Oh sure, why not?

  17. Eleanora is just beautiful!! I MUST check out that pattern. After all, how could you go wrong with a name like Eleanor(a), even if it is spelled incorrectly?? 😉 I really love the divide for the heel.

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