FO: Tangled up in Blue

(It’s my favorite Dylan song ever. How could I resist such a title?)

Pattern: Eunny Jang’s Tangled Yoke Cardigan from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, color “Carbon” (which is so blue, hush you), a smidge over 7 balls for the 38″ size

Time elapsed: I thought about 2 months, but I just looked at the archives and it was barely a month and a half.

Modifications/Notes: I did my usual body-lengthening modification–I’m quite long-waisted and cropped sweaters do nothing good for me. I also added one set of waist decreases, to bring the waist measurement somewhat closer to my actual waist. For reference, the 38″ size with this modification gave me about 1″ of negative ease in the bust and about 1.5″ of positive ease in the waist, freshly-washed. (Warning to others: The felted tweed grows when it gets wet the first time, and also grows with wear. It will shrink back to its freshly-blocked size with subsequent washings.)

Unintentionally, I omitted a button and wound up with 8 instead of 9. No way was I ripping this out when I figured it out post-blocking. Finally, I lined both the button band and the buttonhole band with grosgrain ribbon, for stability.

I purchased the buttons from a fantastic vendor named “Moving Mud” at Rhinebeck, and I love them with the heat of a thousand suns. They’re my second-favorite purchase from that weekend, after the Mermaid kit. Anyway, back to the pattern. I love all of the little details about it, though they add up to make it a reasonably complicated sweater. The neckline is hemmed, the button bands are in that same garter rib from the body, the cable rows are really, really long. The cable mirrors itself gracefully halfway through the back, to make the fronts look nicer.

Seriously, admire the genius that designed those cables for a few more moments.

Like others, I found the yardage requirements to be somewhat generous. Even with my lengthening, I used juuuuust over 7 of the 8 balls called for, and I swatched extensively for this project. I’m sure I could have knit it as written with just 7.

All in all, this is a sweater that I’m going to be happy to wear for a very, very long time. Four thumbs up!

(The usual FO photo-shoot madness can be found here.)

78 thoughts on “FO: Tangled up in Blue

  1. It’s fantastic! And it looks amazing on you. Congratulations!

  2. You did a fantastic job on this! I like the idea of using grosgrain to reinforce the buttons…I might have to borrow that idea. I have finished all the knitting on mine but I need to get going with blocking and buttons.

  3. Totally adorable photo shoot–I love that first picture. You just look so gosh-darned happy to be in your cardigan! And rightly so: I hope mine comes out half as awesome. Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

  4. Wow, Amy, that is amazing. The sweater looks really good on you, just beautiful. I thought the yardage requirements were overly generous myself. Glad to hear it from someone else.

  5. The sweater (and you in it) looks spectacular. Sadly, the pattern will be on the ‘to do’ list for some time, but I know where to come for inspiration when I’m ready. Enjoy your new knitted treasure.

  6. Wonderful, just wonderful. You look gorgeous in it, and so happy! A blog treat.

  7. Fabulous sweater and photo shoot! The fit is perfect, and I totally love the buttons. Congratulations!

  8. Wow. It is gorgeous–and you look beautiful in it. Yours is for sure one of the best versions I have seen. A perfect fit…just beautiful!

  9. It’s wonderful. It looks absolutely perfect in every detail. And you look lovely in it – great color on you.

  10. You look sooo good in it! The mods you made are just perfect.

  11. That is gorgeous – such a good fit and the colour is beautiful!

  12. Dear Amy, why are your finished knits so gorgeous?!!! I love it and you look lovely in the piccies too! I am with you on the length thing , I always need to add inches but it is because of my post-baby belly (well that was 10 years ago, can I still call it that?!) x

  13. Wow, the sweater looks amazing on you. Perfect color and fit! And I also love the bouttons.

  14. Wow! It looks amazing! It’s simple and complex at the same time.

  15. It’s gorgeous!!

  16. that’s just a beautiful sweater and you are gorgeous in it. i love the color with your hair and skin. i want hair that color.

  17. I love the positioning of the cable on this sweater-wrapping your shoulders in such a beautiful stitch pattern-beautiful work!

  18. Gorgeous!! Enjoy it, wear it and show it off.

  19. It looks GREAT on you!!! Now I feel more motivated to pick mine back up. It’s such a lovely sweater and you finished it impeccably with the buttons and ribbon. Well done!

  20. Beautiful! I don’t think I’ve seen a back view of the sweater until now, it’s wonderful. I’m getting itchy fingers! So many great sweaters!

  21. Wow. It looks wonderful and you look so happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I find myself tempted to rip the ribbing on mine (sigh) and reknit on yet again smaller needles so I can have the same amount of negative ease. It looks so cute that way…

  22. Your sweater is beautiful!!!!

  23. Oh, Amy, it is absolutelly gorgeous and you look amazing in it. All your modifications made it so well fitting. It wants me to drop everything and start my Tangled yoke. Your hair looks lovely in a braid too. Seriously, I think I can`t use too many superlatives in this comment but it is just such a beautiful sweater and pictures.

  24. Beautiful job. It fits perfectly and looks amazing on you! Those buttons are gorgeous!

  25. Just beautiful – Excellent job you!! Excellent knitting and finishing, it looks so professional. This sweater to me is the epitome of understated elegance, what a great design! It looks wonderful on – totally suits you!

  26. Nothing short of perfect! Wear it well!

  27. I really like the longer version – it adds even more of a vintage feel, I think. It looks SO good – the color suits you and the fit is just lovely. That first picture – gorgeous. Brava!

  28. You and the sweater look absolutely beautiful! I love the details of this sweater, especially the beige button backing you can see in the first photo!

  29. Absolutely gorgeous sweater. Also, I love your hair!

  30. Well-deserved smiles! Your TY is simply gorgeous! Great buttons too.

  31. As I live and breathe – wow! Is that gorgeous. The color suits you perfectly and the fit – superb!


  32. Beautiful sweater! Really, really beautiful! And wonderful pictures to show it off.

  33. Gorgeous!! Perfect fit, perfect yarn! Love it.


  34. Everything in this project is so great: the yarn, the color, the buttons, and the pattern. Beautiful work!

  35. It looks fabulous on you! The buttons are perfect, and you can really see all the hard finishing work you put in. Lovely!!

  36. Gorgeous! And those buttons are the perfect touch. How much did you end up adding to the length? And where’s your boy? I need to see a picture of the little guy!

  37. The sweater is beautiful, I love the buttons they are so cute.

  38. That is a fabulous sweater! You did a great job and it makes me want to cast on for one!

  39. I love this sweater!! It looks fabulous. I’ve been wanting to cast on for mine for quite sometime, but I keep getting sidetracked. After seeing yours, I am feeling very inspired!

  40. OK, that’s it. I was wavering on this one, but now I’m absolutely, definitely going to make it. It appears we’re shaped rather similarly, and yours looks just amazing. Your modifications make it fit perfectly! And I love that color.

  41. Wow, It’s just beautiful! And you look so great too! Nice job.

  42. beeeeeeeeeeeeee-youtiful! ๐Ÿ™‚ it seriously looks amazing.

  43. amy, it’s awesome!! yours is the first finished one i’ve seen so far, and now i want one ๐Ÿ™‚ also, you totally need to post a close-up shot of whatever ribbon/fabric you sewed down inside the button band; such a great finishing touch.

  44. Bravรญsmo! Gorgeous!

  45. You are on a roll, Amy! Another amazing FO!

  46. I just finished sewing on my buttons for the Tangled Yoke. I think my buttons are too heavy. Did you find adding the ribbon added enough structure to the button bands? Mine seem to be really floppy.

    I made the same size in the Felted Tweed adding only about 1/2″ in the sleeves and had just 1 yd of yarn left from my 7th ball so I got to return the 8th ball.

    Your’s looks so lovely.

  47. Ohhh, it’s so beautiful, and so stunning on you, too. The fit is fabulous!!

  48. Oh, Amy, you should be so proud!! It is a beautiful sweater and it looks simply fantastic on you. Well done!!

  49. It’s fantastic! The fit is spot-on, the color is gorgeous with your skin and hair, and the buttons look wonderful. You deserve a standing ovation for sure!

  50. Gorgeous! You did a great job, and made a lovely model as well. Congratulations!

  51. That looks fabulous. The fit is really good. I love the buttons.

  52. looks wonderful on you! I can’t get over that sweater… I keep seeing it everywhere!

  53. Boy oh boy, that is absolutely gorgeous! It fits you so well, and looks modern and beautiful!

  54. This is absolutely gorgeous on you!

  55. oh wow, that is one gorgeous cardi! it fits perfectly, the colour is beautiful and i love the grosgrain detail. you must be so proud!

  56. It’s beautiful! You did a great job! I really like the color too.

  57. Wow. I have to admit that I didn’t love this sweater until I saw yours — so beautifully finished and impeccably knit to fit. It looks practically like it’s been painted on! Bravo!

  58. You look great in that sweater! Very flattering fit, nice feminine details, versatile color.

  59. You look great in that sweater! Very flattering fit, nice feminine details, versatile color.

  60. You look great in that sweater! Very flattering fit, nice feminine details, versatile color.

  61. Beautiful job! It looks perfect on you.

  62. I think the number of comments you got speak for themselves. I find your Tangled Yoke Cardigan absolutely gorgeous! And the mods you made made it just perfect for you! You have a lot of talent! Congratulations!

  63. The sweater is fabulous, and your modeled shots are even better. Gorgeous!

  64. My knitting hero. You’ve just inspired me to bump this one way up in the queue.

  65. Wow. What a great cardigan! You did a fantastic job on it. I like the color on you too.

  66. Beautiful, both the sweater and the pictures! Yeah! Add two more thumbs up for me.

  67. Stellar job! It’s positively gorgeous. The ribbon lining on the button bands is a great idea and really nice touch. People will be seriously bowled over to hear you made that yourself.

  68. Love! It looks fabulous on you! I need to start doing the ribbon thing for my cardis – I have a couple of store-bought cardigans with ribbon reinforcement, and there’s no gaping issues at all.

    Also, I’m woefully behind on things, but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. I’m sending those warm thoughts to you guys now…

  69. amy, your tangled yoke looks absolutely gorgeous! the color is really beautiful with your hair!
    i’m considering adding the ribbon lining to my cardigans. it drives me crazy when the button bands get pulled out of shape.

    i’m very sorry to hear about your aunt. my thoughts are with you and your family.

  70. Stunning!! You look great in it!

  71. Tis is seriously stunning. I love it. It suits you beyond measure.

  72. Wow! You look fantastic! The color is great – congratulations!!

  73. Hey, great sweater! (Yes, I am a little slow, why do you ask?)

    It was great meeting you too! I sooo miss the fiberly connections at Rhinebeck! I haven’t met anyone who knits here yet, and there’s definitely not an LYS anywhere nearby. So, I read blogs and knit (although much less than I’d like…)

  74. All of the recent FO’s are great, but this is my favorite. It’s perfect on you.

  75. i had to come read your modifications.
    i LOVE how you lined the button hole bands.

    i really hope mine turns out as beautifully as yours!

  76. Gorgeous sweater. I recently saw someone wearing it and asked about the pattern and she gave me some google tips which found me here. I WANT this pattern! How do I find it? This person commented that it was free on-line? Any tips of how to get it?

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