A proper FO

The single sock liberation movement has lost another soldier from its army.

Pattern: Victorian Lace Socks from the Six Sox Knitalong, by Lorri Ann Romesberg

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks superwash merino

Time elapsed: Around a week for a single sock

Modifications/Notes: The incredibly talented Stacey chose the pattern, yarn, and knit the first sock for me. It was very, very soothing to have a lovely sock to knit where all decisions had been made for me. They’re the perfect length, the perfect yarn, a perfect pattern, a perfect fit. Thanks so much, Stacey.

Jacob and I had lots of fun with the camera today. I noticed that yoga has really helped me get more interesting sock pictures!

Jacob doesn’t know about the yoga part, but sure loves playing with the remote for the camera.

Riiight, I’m supposed to be talking about the socks. Well, more goofy pictures are here. The mini-melon pattern could be fiddly at times, and I had to ladder down a few stitches and fix them twice, but overall this was an interesting but not too difficult pattern. The yarn is fantastic, really amazing stuff. I should get more of it one of these days. It’s soft, the color changes are subtle and gorgeous, and it’s on the thinner side so it should be perfect for, say, many Nancy Bush patterns.

The resulting sock definitely needed a good blocking, since it’s both lace and ribbing, but wound up cozy and beautiful. And really, what else can you ask for in a sock?

18 thoughts on “A proper FO

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous socks! And aside from Jacob’s cute little toes, I like that first flamenco dance picture. 🙂

  2. Very um, inventive, photos! Lovely sock. I do have a couple skeins of Spirit Trail. I may rip out what I have started and reattempt the yarn with a Nancy Bush pattern instead. Good to know.

  3. Yay!!!! I am so glad you like it. I loved the pattern – just fiddly enough, but not to hard to be frustrating (I hope!) The yarn is amazing – that was my only skein and I will be picking up more at the MD festival next year for sure!

  4. Those are very pretty socks.

  5. That’s the pattern I joined Six Sox for, so glad to see a pair, up close!

  6. Gorgeous! The yarn and pattern together really shine. I don’t know which picture I like best, I love both the victorian-ish skirt, Jacob’s feet, and I’m jealous (in a good way) of your flexibility.

  7. Beautiful job! That skirt goes with them perfectly 🙂

  8. Wow, you are flexible. And great pictures. I love the first one and the one with Jacob helping to show your beautiful socks. I will keep my eyes open for the yarn, I am always looking for a subtly variegated sock or lace yarn, and this one is so beautiful.

  9. Lovely sock, lovely photos! I love the flamenco-skirt one, and the yoga is clearly helping you reach the socks!

  10. oh damn, they are gorgeous! the pattern and colour go perfectly together. (hmm, i think there’s some spirittrail in my sock stash as well! yay!)

  11. So pretty! I used that same yarn in a pair of socks for Tedd, shades of gray. He loves them, and they’re wearing very well!

  12. I want those socks. Really want those socks. Off to go through sock stash for nice yarn… Beautiful. And your flexibility puts me to shame… x

  13. The socks are soo pretty!!

  14. So pretty! Love the photos!

  15. So lovely and the shots are great!

  16. Oh my – seeing the 1st sock with its now-finished partner just makes me want to make myself a pair even more! Any chance I could get a peek at the pattern?
    And the skirt you’re wearing in those pictures seems lovely, all long, flowy and ruffly. Your yoga puts my inflexible self to shame!

    PS. I’m glad to see Jacob is not giving in to societal pressures and continuing to play the recorder backwards. It’s much more interesting that way, in my opinion.

  17. What a lovely pair of socks! They came out great. Excellent pictures, too.

  18. The socks are just gorgeous, and I love your photos! Jacob’s a great little photographer : )

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