Shameless Commerce Division

This seems like a pretty strange thing to do, to me. So please forgive me if it’s tacky or otherwise inappropriate. But it occurs to me that there might be folks in Boston who read this, and could make a connection. So!

Until we move back to the area, we are renting out our condominium in Somerville near Tufts University. It’s a 4br/2ba with off-street parking. Our current tenants are leaving at the end of December, and we’re happy to do either a short or a longer-term lease. Pictures of the common spaces can be found here.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please point them at me? Thanks in advance.

4 thoughts on “Shameless Commerce Division

  1. First. I love Car Talk.

    Second. I wish I needed to rent a condo in Boston, as your looks very lovely.

  2. I sent an email to a friend who is a grad student at Tufts so that she could tell her fellow students. (They all work full time and are doing an evening/weekend grad school thing.)

    I hope you are able to find good tenants soon!

  3. I wish I had seen this six years ago when I was in grad school at Tufts! Brings so many memories back.

  4. I was thinking of doing a similar thing with my house: Linking to the pictures on my blog and saying, “See the pretty house?…Wanna buy it?” If you do find a renter for your condo this way (and I hope you do!), it would be a pretty strong argument in favor of blog pimping the real estate. Good luck!

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