Inching along

It’s so interesting to read what everyone else has to say about their stash! I admire people who are happy without a stash at all. I know it’s never going to be me–I’m not a collector by nature, but I do like to have some amount of inspiration around the house. So I display my stash–in a basket here, a hand-carved wooden bowl there. I love seeing my current favorite yarn while I work, play with Jacob, or cook. I like touching it as I go by, changing my mind about what the yarn will turn into dozens of times. It keeps my knitting juices flowing when I’m embarking on yet another small-gauge stockinette project.

I think the folks who commented that organization helps them feel less overwhelmed are really on to something–right now, the stash is in huge ziploc bags on the floor of my crafting closet, where I dumped it the day we moved in. Sadly organization will have to wait, since in a little under two weeks we’re headed back east for a month (hey, Boston and Providence and Maine knitters-give a shout and we’ll get together!) and things are a little hectic before we leave. While I have probably half a dozen small projects I want to complete by Christmas, I’m not worried about those. I do want to complete log cabin slippers and a hat/fingerless gloves combo by the time we leave, so they’ll be wrapped up when we arrive at the intended recipients’ house. I’m not sure that’s going to happen, although the hat that looked like this on Wednesday:

…is already finished, soaking in Soak as I type. I also cast on for Jacob’s alligator scarf, got through the head, realized what a pita the body is going to be, and promptly decided it can wait until after the mitts and slippers.

It sure is cute, though, isn’t it?

20 thoughts on “Inching along

  1. The scarf is cute, but it’s got nothin’ on that kid!

  2. It *is* a cute scarf. I made the dragon scarf last year. Its body has way fewer ridges and you start at the tip and work to the head. I can fully understand how after finishing the alligator’s head, the body feels postpone-able. Good on you for finishing the hat already.

  3. the alligator head is adorable!!! as for the organization – it definitely takes time – to go through it, catalog it and photo it! 🙂

  4. I have that same kit, I need to dig it out from my (still too large) stash! But I took your advice and donated some yarn to a local knitting group…I’m trying!

  5. love the alligator head and the cute little boy. (when you don’t have children, you put googly eyes on your yarn and take pictures of that 😉 ).

    as for my stash. it’s like having tons of clothes and nothing to wear. i’m a yarn (and fiber) impulse buyer. if it weren’t this, it would be something else though. i’m a bit of a hoarder and i have a thing for pretty colors.

    oh well. i don’t have creditors on my ass, so i guess it’s all good.

  6. I bought the same kit to make an alligator for my soon. Would love to get together where you are out here.

  7. That scarf is so cool! I think it is going too look gorgeous on Jacob!

  8. The scarf looks like it will be adorable, just like it’s intended wearer. I had to move my stash upstairs to a closet….now I forget what I have since it isn’t in sight anymore.

  9. That alligator head is so cute. I can’t wait to see him finished. I bet Jacob will love it!

  10. Good luck with all your holiday gift knitting!

  11. Displaying parts of your stash around the house as a part of the decor of your rooms is a great idea! I can definitely see how that encourages the creative juices. Since moving day is getting closer and closer, the majority of my things are already in boxes, and even though my stash was pitiful to begin with (yes… my stash on Ravely IS my stash – it’s not me being lazy and not updating it), having it around kept my subconscious thinking about knitting.

    As for Jacob’s scarf, its super cute. How funny would it be if knitters of all ages suddenly started wearing the alligator scarf?

  12. It`s wonderful that you are coming East. Maybe we will make it to El Camino this time. I stopped at Purl Diva yesterday under the excuse of filling in my Christmas wishlist and send Hubby shopping there. I was pretty good though and walked out just with a nice basket/bag from Lantern Moon and four skeins for a hat and a mittens set.
    The Alligator scarf is going to look super cute on Jacob.

  13. I have to say that stash organization is what makes me feel less anxious about it all. A disorganized state would make me nuts and feel like I would never know where to start. The stash will keep till you get back.

  14. My stash is now clean and organized after that kitten incident from last week! I imagine it will be in a messy state soon enough.

    That scarf is so cute! I can see how the body might be tedious, though. It’s a good thing it’s only a kid size.

  15. that alligator scarf is super cute! it looks so 3-D!

  16. That dragon scarf is adorable! Good luck with all the holiday knitting! I have been thinking about my stash a lot lately. It grows faster than I can feasibly knit, and I am okay with that…sort of… At least it’s organized!

  17. The dragon scarf is very cute, but nothing compared to Jacob, I say!

  18. Your kiddo is so cute! What a model!

  19. Is it wrong that I kind of want an alligator scarf?

    Also, I’m a bit late on this, but yes – I’m definitely overwhelmed by stash. I think I’m in the same boat as you – there’s so many things that I want to knit rightnow, with yarn I already have, especially now that the cooler weather is here.

    I wish I could keep my yarn out in baskets and such. My cats devour any string they see!

  20. The alligator head is so cute on its own, it actually looks like it could be a great toy. He looks like he’s swimming just submerged at the surface of the water. 🙂

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