‘Tis the season

To, uh, bake and knit, apparently.

(Clockwise from bottom: Finished lace hat and wine and roses mitts, finished HoJo, Almond-apricot cookie sandwiches, chocolate checkerboard cookies, mint brownies, ginger cookies, chocolate rugelach. We’ve had a busy day.)

The log cabin socks are started, but there’s very little chance I’ll finish them before hitting the road on Monday. I’m told there’s a lot of snow back east, and I just can’t wait to spend some time stomping around in it. Snowmen! Sledding! Snowshoeing! Knitting! Hot cocoa!

The possibilities are endless.

I do hope to blog while I’m back there, although I probably won’t be able to keep up on others’ blogs as obsessive-compulsivelyclosely as I do now. I have such big knitting plans! We’ll see if any come to fruition.

I’m going to save FO posts for all of the holiday knitting until I have proper modeled shots, but HoJo is done and I just have to say I’m in love with this sweater. My teeny-tiny friend Catherine offered to model the sweater for you all, since it won’t fit on my mannequin:

I hope Jessica likes it!

40 thoughts on “‘Tis the season

  1. Beautiful sweater! Have a great trip.

  2. My my my… you’ve been busy. I don’t even know what to comment on first!

    The sweater is gorgeous. It looked nice in the original pictures you posted, and while it was in progress, but seeing it done and on your friend Catherine is truly amazing.

    And to top it all off, not only do you knit gorgeous sweaters (among other things), but your baking looks like it could give Martha Stewart a run for her money! I smiled when I saw the plate of chocolate rugelach – growing up, my mom used to make those, especially around the holidays. Good memories 🙂

    Have a wonderful trip. Here in Minnesota we’ve had our fair share of snow in the past week, and while it causes traffic headaches galore, it also lends itself to all the wonderful things you listed – hot cocoa, sledding, and snowmen!

  3. What a beautiful sweater!!

  4. Boy, you have been busy. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous. And all the cookies make me want to bake or visit my parents and eat all their baked goodies. Have a safe trip. I heard we should get more snow on Monday.

  5. Hojo looks absolutely beautiful. Well done on such a great knit. Those baked goodies look delicious too.

  6. Wow! That sweater is beautiful! Very nice job, and the sleeves are set in so beautifully. I’m sure she’ll love it, who wouldn’t!!??

  7. Ummm, ok. Jessica is going to FALL OUT (as they say in Georgia) when she gets that sweater, it is the best holiday knit I’ve ever seen!!

  8. that sweater is beautiful. you’re a great knitter. your stitching is so regular and perfect.

  9. I would get the vapors if I opened up a Christmas gift and found that sweater inside. It is just gorgeous, and you are one generous knitter, Amy!

  10. Who WOULDN’T love that sweater?! It’s incredible. Great job. The cookies all looked delicious too!

  11. Jessica will love it. It’s wonderful!

    Oh, I just love chocolate rugelach! Yum!

  12. That sweater is just gorgeous! Your knitting never ceases to amaze me.

  13. Hojo looks incredible! A perfect fit on your petite friend.

  14. You’ve made me very, very hungry with the words “mint brownies.” Also, I think that as long as the sweater recipient has eyes, she’s going to absolutely LOVE that sweater! It is sooo beautiful!

  15. HoJo is fabulous! Excellent work! Tavel safe and stay warm out there. Mmm….mint brownines…

  16. If I wasn’t reading your blog the whole time I wouln’t believe you made that. It looks so professional and PERFECT!

    Great job!

  17. I am sure Jessica will – what a lovely sweater! You sure are quick. Have a fun time back east!

  18. Delurking to tell you how beautiful the sweater is. If I can ever knit something as gorgeous as that I will be thrilled.

  19. Wow! Your sweater is awesome. I have been following your progress on this one and I just love all the details. I just know that Jessica will love it.

  20. I bet she’ll love it.

  21. Oh, how could she not?! I love everything about it (despite being not so much into the turtlenecks, usually), but the zigzaggy ribbing on the torso is my favorite — just gorgeous.

  22. It’s all so impressive! The knitting is all gorgeous, esp. the sweater. But I keep getting drawn to all those yummy-looking goodies in the back there! I think I need to go eat a chocolate 🙂

  23. All those baked goods look yummy but your sweater is gorgeous!!

  24. I love the combination of Fair Isle and cables, and I’m sure Jessica will love it! Hooray for baked goods, what’s the holidays without them, right?

  25. The sweater is beautiful isn’t it. I love the crossed bits on the body and arms.

  26. I don’t have the words to say it. I find your finished sweater simply beautiful. Wow! Lucky Jessica!

  27. The sweater looks terrific. Your stitches in those ribs are so regular and even, it makes me want to cry with envy. 🙂

  28. That’s a good one! It’s a wonderful pattern and the knitting is wonderful, too, of course!

  29. that is absolutely beautiful!
    and wow! are you fast.
    your work is fantastic!!!
    have a wonderful trip……..and be sure to pack the cookies! 🙂

  30. That sweater is so beautiful–it will make a terrific gift. And your baking looks as good as your knitting (so sorry I read you post before getting to the gym and knowing I’ll be eating a late lunch).

  31. that is just beautiful. i love it!!!!!!!! all those cookies! i usually bake about 6 or 7 different kinds for the holidays each year – it’s an adventure!

  32. The sweater is so beautiful! I’m sure she’ll love it.

    I hope you’re enjoying your trip so far! 🙂

  33. It turned out so beautiful! What did you ever decide to do about the patterned panel in the back?

  34. Dang girl, you have been busy. That sweater is amazing!!

  35. It’s so pretty – she’ll definitely like it!

  36. Stop it, you make the rest of us look bad, and darn bad too! All this knitting and baking, shut up!! HoJo is beautiful and the recipient will just adore it. The colors are spot-on!

    Cookies, me want some. . .:-)

  37. that sweater is gorgeous – I’m swooning over here!

  38. How could she NOT love it? It is so beatifully knit. And those cookies…yummy.

  39. WOW – I wish I was on your Christmas/Birthday gift list! Beautifully executed, what a knit!

  40. That sweater is so beautiful! I think your recepient will lovingly accept as I would. It is a sweater you hand down. Wonderful job. Is HoJo your pattern? If so, you need to submit out.

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