Ho ho ho.

Knitting time has been pretty damn scarce these past two weeks. At least that’s my excuse for taking that long to knit a pair of bulky-weight slipper socks.

As I was knitting them, I started to worry that there wouldn’t be enough shrinkage room for some slight fulling (I’m planning on stealing the lovely Ashley’s idea and giving them some sole). Now that they’re blocking, though, I think I have plenty of stretch. So, into a hot washer they’ll soon go!

Now that I’m safely ensconced in the babysitting-rich state of Maine, knitting is picking back up again.

..and given that it looks like this outside:

…I don’t think it will slow down any time soon.

16 thoughts on “Ho ho ho.

  1. The socks are lovely, and your Koolhaus is looking good. Have fun with your Maine knitting!

  2. That Koolhaas is going to be a beaut. And glad to hear that you have an embarrassment of riches in the Babysitter Dept.!

  3. Koolhaas is a great colour … all that snow too! Stay warm.

  4. Brrrr….when it’s like that outside, staying in to knit is the only reasonable thing to do. 😉 All the projects look great. Enjoy your visit!

  5. The slipper socks look great. I love that cable–I used it twice: once in a sweater for me, and another for my son, when he was about 4.

    I bought the IK issue with Coolhaas in it just for that pattern.

  6. those look like some cozy socks!

  7. Snow and knitting is such a great combination 🙂 Your Koolhaas is looking nice, and it looks like it’s the exact same color as the one in the magazine!

  8. How funny, I am knitting those exact socks right now for my mom. I LOVE them. I want a pair now too!

  9. How much snow did you get up there? We got a good 10″ in Portsmouth! Covered by a lot of ice. So it was probably best that I stayed home, but I was bummed about it anyway.

  10. Oooh all the snow looks so festive! It was 60 degrees in DC one day last week – not very Christmasy at all!

    Love the socks!

  11. The socks look beautiful and cozy. Don`t you love it when there is so much snow outside? And we should be getting more. I do feel a bit bad for all the people who have to drive and shovel but what a great excuse to stay at home and knit.

  12. Love the socks! I so want snow here!

  13. The socks are beatiful! Do you have a reference for the pattern? I would love to knit them myself 🙂

    Thank you for writing a very inspiring blog, I enjoy reading your posts.

  14. A yes, Maine. In the winter. Beautiful… but oh so conducive to knitting. I’m liking the socks though. I can’t wait to see the results of your snow & babysitting – facilitated knitting!

  15. I love those socks… they look super warm and the cables look fab. What pattern did you use?

  16. I love the slipper socks! So pretty. May I ask what pattern you use? Or, being the super duper knitter extraordinaire that you are – did you make it up yourself?

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