A Gift FO

It feels a little anti-climactic, but here are the details on the HoJo Pullover I knit for Jessica.

Pattern: HoJo Pullover by Fiona Ellis, from the fall 2002 issue of Interweave Knits.

Yarn: Berroco Pure Merino, 12 balls of blue, 1 each of cream, lime, rust.

Time Elapsed: Definitely under a month

Modifications/Notes: I made two modifications–switching the pure merino for the (discontinued) Classic Elite Follies called for in the pattern, and knitting the back in a solid color instead of adding another fair isle band.

I thought, since the color work is so high on the front, that it would look strange to continue the fair isle in the back without also adding it to the sleeves. Jessica proclaimed the sweater perfect, so I’m glad I did this. Note to others considering the same thing: You’ll need more blue.

It was an interesting challenge to knit such a fitted sweater for someone else, especially as a gift. I enlisted the help of her boyfriend (hubby’s brother) to get the measurements of one of her favorite existing sweaters, and knit to that. It worked out quite well, but I wouldn’t have wanted to try without “cheat” measurements to rely upon.

This project included something unusual–fair isle done flat with patterning on both sides. I didn’t find doing wrong-side fair isle work to be difficult at all, and as the wry punster mentions in her little series on color work, it definitely cuts down on the bulk. I can more viscerally understand the advantages of an adult garment done this way, now.

I’m not sure there’s much else to say–but this sweater sure was a pleasant way to end my knitting year!

20 thoughts on “A Gift FO

  1. I agree with the color band only on the front, it looks fantastic!

  2. My absolute favorite thing about the sweater are those interrupted ribs at the waist. They make a totally classic sweater modern.

  3. it fits her so perfectly! what a great gift!

    did you like working with the pure merino? i knit a scarf with it recently and i loved the end result.

  4. It’s fabulous. Like the other Liz K, I love the ribbing at the waist in particular. It fits her perfectly. Amazing job!

  5. it’s a fabulous looking sweater. and this is a total compliment, but it doesn’t even look handknit.

  6. Perfect! That turned out just beautifully, and the fit is amazing. I think the Fair Isle just on the front is a good idea.

  7. It looks so great on her! Wow. Well done!

  8. It`s absolutely gorgeous. I can`t stop looking at it.

  9. The colorwork, the ribbing, the fit…it all came ot so perfectly. Excellent job!

  10. It looks amazing! I’m so glad she enjoys it so much! Happy 2008. I hope this one is a great one for your family.

  11. that is beautiful!!!!!

  12. It is so gorgeous. What a great job you did on this sweater!

  13. I can’t believe that was a gift. You are very generous and it is absolutely beautiful!

  14. this is so spectacular. under a month! wow.
    it is the perfect gift and fits her perfectly!

  15. beautifully done! i love it. what a wonderful gift!

  16. I think it’s an all around perfect sweater! And Jessica looks so happy to be wearing it!

  17. This looks beautiful! it looks so professional. Very nice work, and great color combinations too 🙂

  18. I just bumped into somebody that I know in the knitting section of our local library, she told me to check out your blog. I am thrilled to see Hojo made up and looking so beautiful. I totally agree with all the other comments that you did a wonderful job!!! Congrats!
    Hey want a job test knitting 😉
    my best

  19. There’s one thing left to say for this sweater and that is WOW! It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  20. That looks fantastic! I love the cabling — it really flatters!

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