New year FO

For a project that only took me around 4 days to knit, this one sure hung around awhile.

Pattern: Baby Alligator Scarf, from Morehouse Merino

Yarn: Kit yarn–merino 3 ply, maybe?

Time Elapsed:This took 4 days to knit, but it took me almost two months to make those 4 days happen.

Modifications/Notes: No modifications to this baby. And not many notes, either–it’s a clever but simple knit. And despite the toddler ennui in that first picture, Jacob adores it.

In fact, I had some trouble getting FO shots because he was so possessive of it. He wanted it nearby, at all times. He’s even sleeping with it!

The bumps in the middle are formed by increasing stitches over a few rows, binding them off, and just pulling the yarn tightly together on the next row. Very easy, very cute, but a little tedious. Hence the two months. This is the first project in years that I’ve procrastinated on like this. And for such a simple thing! I felt like a heel, so I’m glad it’s done.


There’s really not much to say about this one. Here are some FO shots, and have a lovely day!

23 thoughts on “New year FO

  1. that is adorable!!!!

  2. I love that first picture– your son looking indifferent while his wee friend waits on the floor 🙂

    So cute! It looks like the tediousness paid off!

  3. Cutest.Scarf.EVER!!!

  4. Toddler ennui, that’s hilarious! I love the gator’s eyes especially…

  5. I love the Morehouse kits for children’s projects, and whenever I have a special gift to make, I head there first. I just hope that the recipients are willing to handwash the sweaters I send them. Those scarves are so cute, and yours came out great. Jacob looks even more adorable than usual.

    I’ve made a couple of adult sweaters from the yarn also, and it is a treat to knit with. (And I still have some stash yarn of theirs.)

  6. Stone-sold adorable. I have to remember to keep their kits in mind for nephew projects. Did you have any trouble with the yarn? There was a Ravelry thread of people complaining about excessive straw and stuff.

  7. Wow that’s cute!

  8. Adorable! Very cute on him too!

  9. So damn cute! (Nice scarf too)

  10. so cute! Perfect size for Jacob!

  11. so cute!! I’ll have to make one for my niece and nephew

  12. Adorable! It’s no wonder he loves it. It’s such a perfect kid scarf!

  13. Aw…very cute scarf…even cuter is how much your son loves it!

  14. Awww…it came out great! It’s wonderful Jacob likes it so much. That’s got to be the most satisfying part of all.

  15. So adorable. It’s perfect for him!

  16. jacob and his alligator are just too cute for words. you know when a child takes something to bed with them that you’ve knit a winner.

  17. Aw, it’s so adorable that he sleeps with it! Bravo! A much better reception than my Mohican Hat received. 🙂

  18. Aww, that’s adorable!

  19. Its the best scarf for a boy! Cute!

  20. That is really cute. My favorite shot is on the FO page – Jacob is at the counter and the alligator is half-coiled to the right. It just seems to capture the spirit of his attachment to it. How lucky to have such a great recipient to enjoy these things!

  21. Cute scarf. Cute kid.

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