Year. Of. SOCKS! (FO)

Because I need these corny little games and the little timelines they give, I’m declaring this year a Year. Of. SOCKS! And here’s January’s installment.

The Pomatomus, they are finished.

Pattern: Cookie A.’s Pomatomus, from the Winter 2005 Knitty

Yarn: Madelinetosh sock yarn, color vermillion

Time Elapsed: I dragged my feet (har) on these for a whole month!

Modifications / Notes: My only modification was to make the toe on these socks more blunt, grafting at 20 stitches remaining instead of 12. I knit the first sock as written, and it just seemed too pronounced. Other than that, I knit them exactly as written and it was a wonderful pattern. Clever, predictable, and the results are just lovely.

Be warned, though–they’re slow going! The bulk of the sock is essentially a 1×1 twisted rib, so unless you’re a super-fast ribber these will drag a bit.

The real story on these is the yarn. Rarely have I had the pleasure of working with a yarn so fantastic. The color saturation, combined with the softness, combined with the subtle variations… just stunning. I’ve two more colorways of this sock yarn now, and I just can’t wait to work with them.

So there you have it, my January socks. Or, I should say, my friend Stacy’s January socks, because when I finished them they were just too perfect for her to keep to myself. I think this may be her first hand-knit pair of socks, and it makes me so happy to bring her into the “club”. 🙂


In other, belated news, it turns out that I make some of your days. I was and am really, truly touched to be thought of in such a way, especially by some of my own favorite reads.

I found this an unexpectedly hard meme to pass on. The sappy-but-real response is that all of you make my day–comments in my inbox that make me smile, knowing that there are others out there who share my particular little brand of crazy, following you all along on your own fiber adventures. But of course, it’d be silly to share my entire blog roll with you–it’s huge, it morphs as time goes on, it’s likely redundant with many of your own.

I eventually decided to come up with ten blogs of knitters that I’ve been blessed to meet in real life. One, I’ve known for decades (gasp). Some I only met at Rhinebeck this year. If you’re listed here, and you’re of a mind, grab the image and share the love yourself! If you’re not listed here, don’t fret. Trust me. You all make my day. You really do.

  1. I have to start this list with Marlena. She’s been a friend since before I can remember, and has encouraged me with every step of the knitting journey I’ve made as an adult. She taught me how to stash, people.
  2. Keeping with that theme, Ellen makes it dangerously easy to keep on stashing. Plus, she’s wicked awesome.
  3. Ms. Bestitched is a whole bunch of witty fabulousness all wrapped up with way more talent than any one person should lay claim to. She bakes, she knits, she sews, and she has an amazingly cute kiddo.
  4. Anna is one of those knitters. The ones that churn out perfect project after perfect project, dizzying amounts of lace and sweaters (and now socks! muahaha) that all represent the very best marriage of yarn, pattern, and fit. And you can’t even be envious, because she’s just the nicest person around.
  5. Cheryl is a fantastic knitter, to be sure. And very fun, and generous with the excellent photographs. But the thing about Cheryl that continuously amazes me is that she makes yarn so beautiful that I can’t help but stare, slack-jawed and drooling, at my screen.
  6. At Rhinebeck this year, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a pretty phenomenal meal with Ms. Octopus Knits. She’s funny, she has great taste in knits, and she’s an excellent dessert enabler.
  7. The Wry Punster? Just as cool in real life, let me assure you. Plus, who else do you know that would knit a fair isle dress (and look so darn good doing it)?
  8. Finally, I will take to my grave the five minutes at Rhinebeck when Marlena, Cara, Vicki, Ann and me were all told in the sweetest possible way by a complete stranger that others find knitting beautiful, too.

    (Edited to add: I noticed while going through my blogs this afternoon that I’d missed a couple more people who were kind enough to say I’d made their day. My fingers are linking-tired, but thanks SO much, all of you.)

26 thoughts on “Year. Of. SOCKS! (FO)

  1. Awww shucks. Thanks Amy! You just made my day! And I feel blessed to know you too. BTW, guess what I ordered recently for the shop, thanks to your recommendation? You see, you are a temptress too! You’re just enhancing my SHOP stash!

  2. Thank you! You totally make my day too, I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you!

  3. Ooh, those socks are fantastic. I heart them in red.

  4. Those socks are gorgeous. I love red Pomatomus. I only got halfway through one before getting bored though.

  5. Just came across you recently as a result of the blog award….love the socks..have JUST started a pair using this pattern…thanks for the warning that progress may be slow…I’ll try to be patient…it looks worth it though!
    Great blog too…happy to have found you!

  6. that has to be the single most romantic things anyone has ever said to me!

  7. Loving the Madeline Tosh action–I have four skeins that I’ve been saving for a special sock, maybe this will be it!

  8. I have those shoes, too! I think they’re great for showing off the hand knit socks.

    Fantastic socks, too, by the way!!


  9. Your new socks are wonderful but I really really love your shoes.

  10. Aww, thanks Amy! You have a pretty amazing kiddo yourself!

  11. A well deserved award you have there! Lovely socks in the solid colour.

  12. Oh, Amy. I think I am going to bookmark this post and come read it every day. And it will always make my day.

    Your Pomotami are gorgeous in red. And you are going to whip up pairs like these every month? I can`t wait to see what`s coming.

  13. If this is just month 1 of the year of Amy’s socks I can’t wait for the rest! That yarn has a gorgeous color and your glowing review makes me want to go searching for some to fondle haha.

  14. Very nice socks! And they look great in those shoes.

  15. The socks are fabulous, and so are your shoes. Where’d you get ’em?

  16. Very cute socks! I love them, esp. modeled in those sassy shoes!

  17. The socks are gorgeous!! 🙂 I’m in a big “red” mood lately, and these are beautiful. 🙂 I love the shoes, too! Where did you get them? 🙂

  18. Helloooo pretty socks. They turned out great…but I definitely agree, the pattern can be slow going

  19. Love the socks! Yes, you do deserve the nominations!

  20. ok. the socks are cool. But i have to know. Where did you get those shoes? What brand are they? I am in love.

  21. super cute socks! the color is amazing. twisted stitches are the main reason i haven’t knit those yet… 🙂

  22. The socks look great! Love that shade of red.

  23. Beautiful! You got them done–Yay! Your friend will love them, and you have spoiled her for plain stockinette or simple rib socks forever.

  24. I’m a huge fan of Madelinetosh’s solid yarns… they have a squish factor to them that I adore plus patterned knitting shows up so well too. I’m currently knitting with her Malachite colorway and loving every minute despite the challenging pattern I’m using. A quick question: Did you only need one skein for those socks?

  25. The socks are gorgeous – way to persevere : )

    And thank you! You make my day, too!

  26. Those socks are gorgeous. I’m currently working on my first sock ever and loving it. I hope 2008 will be a year of socks for me too. 🙂

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