By why is the *knitting* gone?

Of course I ripped it out. I just wouldn’t be me, if I hadn’t. I would have finished the sweater, and hated it every time Jacob wore it. And that’s no way to feel about a hand-knit. So all’s well that ends well, I’m happy with my decision, etc. I’m not as happy with my progress since then…

Neither am I particularly happy with my progress on the Cleopatra Wrap.

(I wound the silk lace with my ball winder and swift, very carefully and slowly, and while I will never get back that rather painful hour of my life, neither will I lose untold more hours weeping untangling the stuff because it flew off of my equipment. It’s probably a good trade.)

Instead of, oh, I don’t know, knitting, I spent the week losing myself in wonderful cheesy escapist fantasy books and David McCullough’s “Truman”. I didn’t knit at all on Tuesday, and got through mere rows the rest of the week. It felt good, though. I just hope I can keep myself from rummaging through the bookshelf long enough to finish something, this time.

16 thoughts on “By why is the *knitting* gone?

  1. I have weeks like that too, when I read much more. As long as you found joy in whatever you were doing (even if not “joy”, some enjoyment.)

  2. Hey, ripping it out was the right decision! I’m not happy with any of my WIPs right now:(

  3. I love the colour of the sundara lace, I have some green tea for moi and have just ordered some of the sangria over garnet to make a wedding stole for my little sister. I can’t wait to see yours as it grows up! x

  4. Good for you for ripping! You are so right.

  5. meh, just because we are knitters and have knitting blogs doesn’t mean its the only thing we’re allowed to do 🙂 sometimes after a week off from the needles work picks up doubly quick!

  6. I knew you would rip it. That cleopatra wrap is going to be amazing!

  7. Auch, untangling the silk lace must have been painful. I did that once with Lorna`s Laces Helen`s Lace and than wound it manually as I did not have a ball winder then. But the color is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe you will really enjoy the yarn if you knit in small doses.

  8. You know, I really think your fingers just need some time off sometimes. I have phases of total knitting absorption, but then I don’t want to knit at all for a while and have phases of total sewing absorption. I have to remember what happened to the total reading absorption that used to run my life…

  9. You need a quick knit on the side so you get some sense of accomplishment as you work on the other projects!!! I can’t imagine untangling lace. Good luck with the wrap and sweater!!!

  10. Its good to do something different so I wouldn’t worry!

  11. I totally agree with you on the reason for ripping Jacob’s sweater and starting over. You wouldn’t want him wondering why you were glaring at “him” every time he wore. He might develop an aversion of handknits!

    I also switch between reading and knitting jags. But mysteries and travel memoirs are my thing.

  12. Sorry to hear about the knitting blahs but thank you for sharing the link to the wonderful cheesy escapist fantasy books! Anyone who earns a comparison to Robin Mckinley (By Peter Beagle, no less!) is worth a read in my book. 🙂 Hope the knitting mojo returns!

  13. it’s better to rip and reknit than to not be happy with it!!!!!!

    don’t you hate ballwinder incidents!

  14. Sometimes you just need a break. Nothing wrong with doing a little reading (says the librarian). 🙂

  15. I know you will be much happier with Jacob’s sweater now — it’s such a gorgeous color, too, so re-knitting isn’t such a bad proposition.

    Nothing wrong with escapist fantasy reading now and then!

  16. I am making the Torgeir in size 4. At least I think I am, but I am about to give up. I just can’t seem to get my head around her chart for the center motif. Can you help, please? I can’t figure out exactly where the knit2tog and SSK stitches are. Are they adjacent to the Lifted Increases or is there a knit stitch between them? Also, how did you do the side by side lifted increases over the no stitch area? Any help you can provide would be so much appreciated.

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