Babies, babies, everywhere!

Thank you all so, so very much for your well-wishes and shared stories. They really warmed my heart.

I did something totally crazy yesterday: I ripped out the Torgeir sweater I was having so much trouble with. The Silky Wool is now back in the closet, and I feel so much better for it. My wips are cleared out (only the Cleopatra Wrap remains as a long-term project), my knitting feels new again.

And I finished the Conwy socks, too, but a FO post will have to wait for blocking and daylight to happen.

So my February installment of the Year of Socks is a little late, but only by a few days. I think this month is going to be all about small projects–another pair of socks, certainly. Some progress on Cleopatra but I don’t expect to finish it this month. Mostly because it seems like every woman I know is having babies, these days. There’s only one logical reaction, I think…

…run to my lys and buy a ton of machine-washable baby wool.

13 thoughts on “Babies, babies, everywhere!

  1. The socks are lovely. It certainly helps to let go of those troublesome knits doesn’t it!

  2. baby knits! I love knitting itty bitty stuff:)

  3. Cashmerino Baby and Debbie Bliss patterns are my favourite baby gift combo! Her baby patterns are classic and yet quite often feature a little modern twist that makes them extra nice for giving!

  4. i’m just catching up on blogs, so pardon my belated congratulations! you look fantastic! yay for babies! 🙂

  5. I love baby knits, especially the ones you’ve picked out! **side note** Is your title in reference to that Nutrigrain Bar commercial a while back? If it is, it made me chuckle. If you have no clue what I’m babbling about, you should search for “I feel great” on youtube. Very funny!

  6. Pretty socks! Yay for fun and quick little baby knits!

  7. Yay for little projects! I am doing that this month too – helping me feel like I’m accomplishing a bunch of stuff.. 🙂

  8. I’ve really enjoyed looking at all your wonderful FOs. And, I wish you the best of health!

  9. LOL! Yes, I completely support the baby yarn idea 🙂 Hopefully you’ll be able to conquer the knitting for unborn children fear and make some really precious baby items before the big day.

    Congrats on clearing the WIPs (and yes, frogging counts as clearing it). It definitely feels like starting with a brand new canvas, doesn’t it?

  10. Oh, I’m pleased you posted this! I’ve just started knitting for a baby, and haven’t been sure what would be the best yarn. Obviously I want it to be machine-washable, and not too acrylic-y, but *soft* too. I’ve started knitting a little baby sweater in Rowan 4-ply Soft, which is nice, but not quite squishy enough. Would the Baby Cashmerino be a better bet?

    Can’t wait to see your finished Conwys (Conwies?). Mine are on hold until I’ve knit a few presents, for babies and sisters and mothers, since they are for me; I will take vicarious pleasure in yours!

  11. You aren’t kidding that everyone is pregnant… except me! I’m finishing up SweetPea from knitting at knoon and will be posting it soon… Now, what to knit for the november texas baby… sigh.

  12. congratulations on the little “bun in the oven!” You look great. I’m so happy for you. Also, the socks in the last post are such a rich, deep color, I smell cinnamon when I see them.

  13. Can’t wait to see little baby things in the soft, luscious Cashmerino. (By the way, thought I’d mention I cited you in today’s post in case your ears are burning.)

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