Seasonal FO

It’s not the right season, necessarily… but Jacob is more than pleased with the latest sock addition, anyway.

(I think he likes socks that match his hair the best of all.)

Pattern: Conwy from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting on the Road”

Yarn: Sundara sock yarn, color “Bronzed Sienna”

Time Elapsed: A couple of weeks, ish?

Modifications/Notes: I made two major modifications. First, I shortened the leg of the sock considerably (2.5 inches, I think, in all) to support slightly lower yardage and my own sock preferences. These are about 6.5 inches long from the cuff to the top of the heel flap.

I also omitted 6 stitches of decrease, resulting in a 66-stitch sock instead of a 60-stitch sock. (You start with 72 and then decrease down.) I also also didn’t like the look of the charted decreases–they seemed like they’d produce a big ol’ stockinette portion on the back of my sock. Not the look I was going for. So I fiddled some and did the decreases thusly:

You can pretty much figure out what I did from the picture, but it might help to know that I started on round 1, decreased two stitches per decrease round, and did 7 rows in between decrease rows. I don’t really remember where I started the decreases, except that it was way after Bush called for them.

It was a star toe, I think, a new one for me. It doesn’t have a kitchener at the front–you just decrease down to 8 stitches and then pull the yarn through. I don’t mind kitchener, but it was fun to try a different toe for a change.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t gush about this yarn for a little while. The Sundara colors are incredibly fabulous, saturated, and rich, without question. But on top of that, the yarn is soft as can be, seems very sturdy, and provides fantastic stitch definition. There really isn’t much more one could want in a sock yarn.

Plus, the color makes you want to bake pumpkin muffins. And that’s never a bad thing.

21 thoughts on “Seasonal FO

  1. OOhh. The yarn was beautiful to start with, and now is a great pair of socks. Nice decreases, very blendy. Can I have a pumpkin scone to go with that, please?

  2. Gorgeous socks! The decreases look great. I wish I could have socks that match my hair, although they’d probably be pretty boring (as much as I like brown, brown socks seem a bit bland).

  3. I’ll see your Pumpkin Muffins and raise you one piece of apple pie. Nice socks!

  4. They are beautiful and I really like what you did with the decreases. I had to put them in my Ravelry queue right after reading your post. I think I need a new pair of socks anyway. Would you believe it? It`s snowing outside.

  5. Nice mods, you are a wizard. I agree that the Sundara sock yarn is really something special, too!

  6. What a great colour! I swear, I can’t wait to try out some of that yarn, it always looks so amazing!

  7. fantastic. i love them. just cast on today with some sundara (for the first time) and LOVE it.
    your little guy is adorable!
    and pumpkin anything…..yumm!

  8. Beautiful socks. I love that color!

  9. Yum. Socks and muffin!

  10. These are wonderful — I have yet to try Sundara…..

  11. Yummy colour and beautiful pattern. The minute I saw the colours, I thought to myself, “looks like Sundara”!

  12. They’re great! Love the color. And they match his head of hair. 🙂

  13. great socks, great muffins!!!! what a pair!

  14. What a great sock model, even if he is rubbing em on his head 🙂

    I’ve heard raving things about Sundara before, but this color is especially fabulous. I can definitely see where the need for pumpkin muffins came from. And thank you for using the word “thusly” – it might have just made my day!

  15. Gorgeous socks, they make me want to give socks a go. Would you mind sharing your pumpkin muffin recipe? (We could even do a recipe trade. Buttermilk pancakes w/ sauteed apples or raspberry-peach pie sound good?) I tried the apple cake recipe the same week you posted it–delicious!

  16. stumbled on your site via “stumble upon”. Love the pictures and the delish knitty things.

  17. Mmm… what tasty looking socks (and muffin!). Jacob is rightfully ecstatic about them : )

  18. These are so pretty! Perfect color and pattern!

  19. Oh my goodness, that incredible face almost distracted me from the gorgeous socks. Which really is amazing because that rusty sienna tone pretty much my favorite color.

  20. Those look great–and it is a design I want to try some time. I’ve printed your modifications so I can compare them to the pattern. And just looking at that delicious muffin is reminding me to go eat breakfast.

  21. Gorgeous socks! I like the decreases.

    Bronze sock on the red hair–very cute. I hope the pumpkin muffin didn’t go on the red hair, although it would also be a match.

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