Excuse me while I continue my cast-on rampage.

Usually I like to finish one thing before starting another. Not true at the moment, apparently. Exhibit A:

Anastasia socks in Sunshine Yarns, “Emerald Isle”, cast on for St. Patty’s Day. These will be my March socks. They are wicked fun to knit, and toe-up gussets are the coolest things EVER, and I can’t wait to wear them.

Exhibit B:

A nearly-finished Matinee Coat (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino booklet), for our babysitter’s new baby. This one just needs seaming, ribbon, and a picot hem. Probably a few hours of work, tops. And so cute! But, Exhibit C:

Instead of finishing either one of these worthy projects, neither of which will take much time at all, I cast on for a baby vest that I have no hope of finishing by the time I see the recipient tomorrow. Why? Who knows! It’s cute, though.

(Cable Tank Top from the Baby Cashmerino 3 booklet, smallest size.)

At least finishing all 3 of these up by the end of March is highly likely?

16 thoughts on “Excuse me while I continue my cast-on rampage.

  1. Inspired by you, I cast on for some toe up socks yesterday in the Artyarns (thank you again) I’m thinking I may become a convert. I did Turkish for one and will try Magic 8 for the other. Loving the no provisional thing! I didn’t even know it was year of socks, I find I have 3 pair OTN right now. Love the baby vest, really cute.

  2. Lovely projects! I’ve had cast-on-itis since the beginning of February — I blame the long winter. Warm, woolly projects just seem so appealing.

  3. What strikes me more than your optimism (hey, we’ve all been there) is that you are taking precious knitting time out to post. Clearly, you are a better blogger, because I would decide to finish a sweater by tomorrow and knitknitknit. If I didn’t finish it in time, no one would ever know. I applaud your honesty!

  4. Ooh what adorable baby items. That little vest is super cute. I love the color of your March socks too, great. Just think you will have 3 fo’s instead of 1!

  5. Wow, you are a knitting *machine*! It’s so nice to see you inspired and flying along again. 🙂

  6. Lots of great projects on the needles. I love those green socks, so pretty and springy. It definitely looks like you’ll have some FOs by the end of the month!

  7. Love the sock, and the Matinee coat and vest are very cute. I’m sure you’ll get them all done soon – no worries : )

  8. i love the anastacia! i’m working on a pair in blue, but now that i see yours why on earth didn’t i pick green? they look awesome! and you can finish all those by the end of march easy……..as long as you don’t cast on anything else lol

  9. Love the D.B. baby cashmerino! It’s one of my faves, as well. You’re just pumping out the projects, aren’t you? The matinee coat is beautiful … so timeless.

  10. a cast-on rampage is always fun. it’s the aftermath of half-finished objects that always slaps me in the face later.

    i love the green sock yarn you’re using!

  11. That sock has two of my favorite things… Sunshine Yarns and toe-up gussets!

    Loving the baby things too, and sometimes you need to cast-on more than you need to knit!

    Hope you are feeling well.

  12. oh! i love all of those projects! i love the manatee, and that little vest will just be adorable!

  13. Keep on rampaging since you leave beautiful knits in your wake!

  14. Funnily enough I’ve just finished and given away the same matinee coat in the same colour. I forgot, unfortunately to take a picture although I am hopeful that I will get the recipient to send me one… Great minds clearly knit alike! x

  15. They are all wonderful WIPs.

    I haven’t finished my February sock (the first was knit for me), not to mention March socks. I’m a failure at year of socks. Maybe I’ll get a pair done in April…

  16. Seems to be that time of year for wanting New New New! They are all lovely!

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