Drive-by posting

Business and super-secret life planning are likely to keep me super-busy for the next week, so please forgive me until I can sit in front of the computer for more than 10 minutes.

But until then:

Something just needs a ribbon, and

the postman is currently my favorite stranger, and

You should absolutely go make yourself some funny-shaped gingersnaps.

Hope you’re all well!

10 thoughts on “Drive-by posting

  1. Pretty sweater and extra cute kid!!

  2. That is a pretty cardigan. I am interested (nosy!) to know what your super secrets are!

  3. such a lovely cardigan!

  4. I love that baby sweater! I am buying that booklet right now.

  5. Oh, the matinee coat turned out beautifully! Love the colour.

  6. Oooooh. Matinee coat.

  7. Such a cute baby knit! Yes to funny shaped gingersnaps enjoyed by adorable little boys!

  8. Pretty baby sweater! I’d like the postman too if he brought me that.

    Gingersnaps that match jammies! Life doesn’t get much better.

  9. I love that trim on the bottom of the jacket!

  10. Okay, that coat is just gorgeous. Hope all the secret life planning is going well.

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