FO: Matinee Coat

I have some secret knitting going on right now, but lucky for me I’ve also got a small backlog of FOs to share with you. In the “It’s kind of cruel that a knitter should have two boys” department, I present the matinee coat:

Pattern: Debbie Bliss’ Matinee Coat, from the first Baby Cashmerino pamphlet

Yarn: Baby Cashmerino, dusty rose, just over 3 balls for the smallest size

Time Elapsed: The knitting took less than a week, but it waited at least 2 for blocking and finishing.

Notes/Modifications: I changed nothing about this pattern. Given my track record with stupid knitting mistakes lately, that’s probably a good thing. Although now that I’ve done it, I should say that I think casting on in moss stitch and picking up the picot edge later seems a bit silly.

(Amelia did the sensible thing and just used a picot cast-on, and it looks great.)

The sweater has the usual collection of sweet-but-not-saccharine Debbie Bliss details, including the picot, the moss stitch, and the adorable little ribbon.

I made the coat for our babysitter’s daughter, but we haven’t seen her since the birth so I guess there’s a chance it will be gifted to the next person around me to have a girl! Jacob will admit that it’s cute, although he’s very excited to be getting a brother this summer.

Next up: A proper baby boy knit!

15 thoughts on “FO: Matinee Coat

  1. Oh, that’s precious. I’m sure you’ll continue to find wonderful boy-things to knit, too. 🙂

  2. Beautiful little coat, whomever wears it eventually. I can commiserate with knitters and all boys…I have four of ’em and they just don’t appreciate the knitting! Luckily you’ll be able to knit for your little ones for a while yet.

  3. Oh that matinée coat is so sweet! Maybe a slew of BSJs for your one on the way?

  4. Adorable! That’s a perfect way to describe DB’s baby patterns, sweet but not saccharine.

  5. Such a cute little coat! And that’s great that Jacob will be getting a brother – now you won’t have to worry about sizing and gauge too much; if something doesn’t fit one of them because it’s too large or small, the other can always have it.

  6. There are really some absolutely amazingly cute baby projects for little girls. There is cute stuff for boys too, but not as much in the heartbreakingly cute way for little girls. Not fair, but that’s how it seems to be.

    The baby sweater is really cute.

  7. That is lovely!

  8. It’s beautiful! Congrats on son #2!

  9. Oh, my… that is so cute! (and great socks in your previous post, by the way!)

  10. That is so cute. I can`t wait to see your future baby boy knits. A close friend of mine is having a baby boy this summer too so I might get inspired. So far I have planned BSJ, Tomten jacket and incredibly cute cargo pans from Chic Knits for Stylish Babies.

  11. that is beautiful!!! i love the picot edge – it makes it really feminine!

  12. Oh, that is so beautiful! Picot edges always make me smile 🙂

  13. The matinee coat is stunning … and your son is adorable!! Love the hair!

  14. VERY cute! what did you think of the yarn? i’ve heard her yarns tend to pill.

  15. I love this. So adorable!

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