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Yeah, yeah, there’s another FO to share, but hasn’t it been awhile since we just chatted? Life has sure been busy, and it seems like I have lots to tell you.

First of all, the wee beastie is doing just fine. Unfortunately, the swelling that plagued me for so much of my pregnancy with Jacob is back with a vengeance (good-bye, wedding ring!). I don’t think I’ll ever actually enjoy being pregnant. But all in all, 22 weeks isn’t as bad as it could be. At least I’m able to stomach coffee again.

Both my knitting and my yarn-buying are going well. Faced with the prospect of at least a year without practical sweater-for-myself opportunities, I’ve gone a little crazy with the cheez whizyarn clubs. After another shipment of Sundara’s club, and a general diminishing of the raging hormones, I’ve decided the club is both enjoyable and good for me. Unable to decide which season appealed to me most, I chose both Summer and Autumn this time around. As if that weren’t yarn enough, Madelinetosh came out with a club of her own. Her yarn is definitely a contender for #1 favorite, so I joined up. I guess my needles will be plenty busy, and hopefully I’ll be too focused on the luscious yarn to notice the lack of sweaters!

My secret knitting du jour involves what is probably my most favorite cable ever.

Also, it’s purple. How could purple be bad?

And finally, things seem to have gotten settled enough for me to share that we’re making a big move back to our house in the Boston area this summer. We have lots of good reasons to leave CA, most of them boiling down to family and culture. I’m so excited to go back that I can hardly stand it. We’ve been renting out our place, and I love the thought of being in my very own house again–although I’m daunted by the toddler-proofing challenges! The last time we were there, Jacob looked like this:

Now, things are a little different.

(Yes, he’s hiding something in my shoe.) What do you all like most about the place you’re living?

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  1. Since I live in the Boston area myself, ohhhh, I’d have to say I have about 17 favorite things! You must not mind me though; I’m crazy about how much I love it here.

    * The Boston skyline
    * The Red Line, and, ok, the rest of the subway system — we can get by without a car!
    * Progressive, intelligent culture
    * New England autumn days
    * Harvard Square
    * We’re on the list for major tours of music, museum exhibits, etc
    * 3-4 hours from NYC by Greyhound or car
    * The subway goes to the airport (better than you think, now that we have the Silver Line)
    * ArtBeat festival in Davis Square every spring
    * Great Thai food

    …oh hell, I have a meeting in 10 minutes. Anyway, welcome back to the east, in advance! 🙂

  2. I live in the Boston area too, so they’ll be lots of people to knit with back here!

  3. wow, big news! congrats (and good luck) on the move.

    I love living in DC – interesting architecture, cool neighborhoods, and an accessible vibe that makes it seem smaller than it is. we have visitors here this weekend, so I got a chance to show off some of the non-monument things — I love that!

  4. oh, i am so envious! we miss boston terribly, not only for all the memories we made there, but also for its unique atmosphere and great food… good luck preparing for the move 🙂

  5. Jacob is lethally cute! I LOVE that first photo, and in the last one he looks so rambunctious.

    I can’t wait until you live on the east coast again. We’ll have to celebrate with a trip to WEBS. 🙂

  6. Like being pregnant or not, it seems to suit you — you look BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Oh my what a ravishing pregnant beauty you are, pregnancy agrees with you, despite what you have to say about it!
    Central Pa:
    I have lived in places I love a lot more (Athens, GA., Mpls., Providence) and I spend a lot if time complaining about the narrow-mindedness of the people here, but I guess that just makes the friends you actually do have all the more special. It’s inexpensive–we have a very old 19th c. house that would cost a lot more elsewhere. Also location: I can get to NY-NJ-MD-DC in a reasonable amount of time. Great question!

  8. Oh, what *don’t* I like about living here :). But it’ll get even better round about June.

  9. You look gorgeous!

    Hmm, there’s lots to love about living here. Hands down, one of my favorites is Punjab and I’m looking forward to us having a nice meal there when you’ve settled in!

  10. I agree with everyone above – you look gorgeous, and Jacob is indeed lethally cute! What a smile, I *say*!

    What do I like about Berkeley – no snow; fresh produce, sunshine, urban-ish area with lots of bookstores, and the fact that I can get by without a car. But I still miss Jersey City, the last place where I lived, and I miss home across the world a lot, although I moved around so much there isn’t one place to miss, really.

  11. That photo of you and Jacob (and little brother) is amazing! You both look so lovely and happy!!!!

    The house I just left had an orange tree right outside my bedroom window… it would bloom for about two weeks and I would wake up to sunshine and orange blossoms.

  12. I like living here because it is close enough to anything one may have need or want of, but it ISN’T a big city. I am very much not a city kind of girl…In two hours or less, I can be at the seashore, or in the mountains, see a volcano, go skiing on water or snow, get wine from a winery…..and so much more. What’s not to like?

  13. three big open rooms.
    full length basement.
    no neighbors i can see well.
    lots of trees.
    near family but not on top of them.

  14. So happy you’ll be closer by!
    I’m waiting for my Madeline Tosh shipment. I hope it comes soon. The excitement is killing me! Thanks for that lead.
    My favorite things about living in Brunswick: I can walk everywhere, there are big meadows Loki can run in, I am 25 minutes away from my mother in one direction, and my cottage in another, it is small enough that I always run into people I know when I go out, and it has Bowdoin to provide some cultural and intellectual stimulation.

  15. that is a big move! we’ll welcome you with open arms back to the Boston area though!

  16. I live in NYC right now, and I’m actually leaving in about a month – it’s sad! There’s a lot of it I won’t miss (the squished rats/pigeons, the homeless peeing in the street, etc.) but what I will miss are the people (new yorkers are really nice! most of the jerks commute in from either long island or jersey) and the convenience. I can get anything if I want to travel enough. Also, not having to drive is nice (I’m moving to Pittsburgh and then DC – lots of driving there).

    But most of all, I love the secret beauty of NY – how for a few weeks each spring everything blooms, how there are hidden little gardens everywhere just waiting for spring to come alive.

    I also like living “at the center of the world”. Honestly, everything happens in NYC and it’s kind of fun to be a part of that.

  17. I love living in the suburbs! We back onto a park and a brook, yet can be in the West End in 30 minutes for all the shopping that Bond Street can allow.

  18. Congrats on the move back. I’m living in Durham, NC after years in DC. I definitely think the pace of life here suits me more. And spring is infinitely more eye-pleasing here. I cannot believe the azaleas are blooming already!

  19. I love that photo of you and Jacob and your bump – you all look fab.

    Congrats on the move back east! I’m a mite jealous. It looks like we’re staying in Houston for the foreseeable future, which is good in many ways (we love our neighborhood, our house, and this is an affordable city for academics). I won’t go into all the ways that it’s not so great – I’m just feeling lucky to live in a city I like, in the exact neighborhood I most enjoy.

  20. Yeah coming back to Boston! We’ll have to actually meet in person once you arrive! That baby belly is looking great.

  21. You look so beautiful! Definitely glowing. I miss being pregnant and I didn’t look anywhere near as good as you!

  22. Aw, California is going to miss you! But I’m thrilled to hear how happy you are to be moving. I love LA for the sunshine, palm trees, pace of life and celebrity sightings. On a more personal level, hubby and I love the friends we have here and the life we’ve built. There’s also the fact that neither one of us could do what we do for a living anywhere other than LA. You look beautiful. Pregnancy definitely agrees with you!

  23. I love both California and Boston – if I didn’t live in CA, I’d move to Boston in a heartbeat. But here is where I met my sweetie, and his family is all here, and we’ll be staying. Good luck on your move!

  24. Ahhh..swelling. I’m SO sorry. I don’t really love being pregnant either, but the end result is fairly worth it:)

    I live in the Boston area too and I love it…
    *so many fun family things to do
    *autumn (winter could be a bit shorter)
    *LOTS of fun yarn shops

  25. I love that first picture with you and Jacob… you are such a beautiful pregnant momma!

  26. I love it that my kids feel settled and familiar and comfortable here. They are teens but both sense they are contributors to the larger community – one that recognizes them and has expectations of them. They are increasingly able to get themselves around even though Toronto is a pretty big place. Their history and activities here have made it probable that they often see people they know in their travels around town and it feels great to know that whatever their interests, Toronto can pretty much offer them an opportunity to explore them.

    They are “at home” here. Facilitating this was an important goal for us as parents when they were small and it feels great to see it unfold as we hoped it would!

    Congrats on your upcoming move!

  27. Amy, you look so beautiful. What a cute picture. That`s wonderful that you are moving to Boston. Maybe I will see you there. I am thinking about going to grad school and Boston is high on the list as I have family there I could stay with.
    Also, after reading your blog, I signed up for Sundara club. I went with the Summer colors. My first yarn club ever. And the first shipment is on my birthday!

  28. My goodness! You are one gorgeous pregnant woman! And that little boy is quite a looker too. Many, many congratulations. May you soon feel as awesome as you look.

  29. I know you won’t like this but I cherish the fog! I grew up in and around San Francisco and I just shrivel up over 23C…yeah I impressed my husband with that by not pulling it out of my mommy head….You know how brain cells decrease with each pregnancy.

  30. Well, there go the daydreams about an in-person meet-up some day when I’m visiting relatives in Monterey. 🙂 Good for you, though. It will be nice to be nearer your family. What do I love about Virginia? Four real seasons, soft green grass, rolling hills, historic sites, lots of things! Glad everything’s going well.

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