Young and old FO

Well, am I behind. Ahem.

Pattern: The Cable Tank Top by Debbie Bliss, from the Baby Cashmerino 3 pamphlet

Yarn: Baby Cashmerino, 2 balls indigo and 1 ball cream for the smallest size

Time Elapsed: Around a week? Each of the main pieces took only a day to knit.

Notes/Modifications: The only thing I changed was to shorten the armholes. The pattern calls for them to be knit in the same thick/thin stripe pattern as the neck and hem, and I thought that would be too bulky.

As usual, I find the boy patterns slightly less adorable than the girl patterns, but this is still pretty darn cute. It doesn’t seem to be as ridiculously over-sized as many of the baby patterns out there, so beware of that.

Not much to say about it, I guess. A cute, quick knit for a special little boy.

12 thoughts on “Young and old FO

  1. Oh how absolutely adorable. I love the colors too.

  2. Oh, so cute. Especially modeled by Mr. Bear!

  3. Very cute! I am going to be able to knit baby things for a friend soon so that will be nice.

  4. that is adorable!!!!!

  5. I’m so glad someone else out there thinks baby items are ridiculously oversized. Drives me crazy! And yes, very cute for a boy item (coming from a mom of two boys).

  6. Not much to say except that it is Cuteness Incarnate!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, I mean handsome! Beautiful job, can’t wait to see it modeled by your handsome young man.

  8. It’s so nice! It will look so cute on a wee one. 🙂

  9. Mr. Bear MUST have his own sweater vest. It’s a perfect fit and makes him look so distinguished. 🙂

  10. That is really gorgeous. I love it in navy and white. She has a similar pattern in Simply Baby – so I may have to give it a go!

  11. That is really adorable.

    If you’re willing to fuss with a knitted baby garment (that is, hand wash it), the patterns and kits at Morehouse Farm yarns are nice…even for boys. That was my regret too. Knitting for girls is so much more fun. I’ve made a few for gifts, and just working with the yarn was a joy.

  12. hi
    i love the cable tank top, but i’m unable to find the pattern can u plz mail it to me…. I want to make it for my son…
    thankx a lot,

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