Out of the bag

I still feel like I’m so behind, but now that our houseguests are gone and Passover is over and there’s no business travel on the horizon, I should be able to catch up!

…at least until we move (in mid-to-late June). Riiiight.

Anyway, some of the secret knitting has been gifted so now I can share with you all. One of the ladies in our knitting group just had her second child, so 5 of us got together and all knit strips of a baby blanket for her. I seamed them all together and edged them:

We knit the blanket out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, in the lovely purple color you see. I was worried about gauge issues until the end, but it all worked out just fine. I wrote the care instructions on a little card, wrapped it up, and it was all ready for C.!

She really seemed to love it, which was a huge sigh of relief.

Also, while the past month has been extremely busy and not always fun, today the mailman brought me something almost special enough to make me forget all of it:

The final installment of my current Seasons Club subscription. Yum, yum, and yum.

I’ll spare you any more stream-of-consciousness posting and go knit on my very first socks for Jacob, now. (!) Next up: A completed baby beret/sock set, and the weirdest sock construction ever.

20 thoughts on “Out of the bag

  1. that blanket is beautiful! what a great gift.

  2. Beautiful blanket! Nice work!

  3. The baby blanket certainly turned out to be beautiful. I love your new yarn, and I’m nearly in shock to hear that these will be the first socks knit for Jacob!

  4. Lovely, lovely blanket! The colour is just gorgeous.

  5. Wait, that blanket is seamed? It looks absolutely seamless, so gorgeous!

  6. The blanket is lovely. And so much nicer than most group projects.

  7. And if those aren’t autumn colors… golly, I wouldn’t know what were!! What a beautiful blanket, and what beautiful yarn!!

  8. thanks to you, i joined two of sundara’s clubs for the coming year. yes two — autumn and winter. i thought about getting summer too but decided that i needed to stop the madness (i like richer colors so “spring” was out of the question. but i really seriously considered getting summer as well).

    the blanket is lovely. i love the color. so nice that you guys didn’t go all pastel-y.

  9. That blanket is gorgeous. I can’t imagine anyone not loving it. I’m really impressed with how you guys came together on gauge, too – that’s one of the biggest challenges for group blankies.

    For selfish reasons, I was getting kind of mopey about you leaving CA before we had a chance to meet. It would be so great to get together for some mommy knitting. But then I realized that you are returning to Boston, which is where my in-laws live! It may take a little time for us to get out there, as I can’t see us hauling a four-month-old to the East Coast this Christmas, but we’ll most likely get out there by next summer. Maybe we can meet up and hang out at my MIL’s pool and catch some knitting time. It’s great fun, and my little nieces are close to Jacob in age – one is second and a half and the other is four and a half. He should be able to find a good playmate between the two of them.
    xox, J

  10. Second and a half – ha! Two and a half! Preggy brain. 🙂

  11. What a great idea for a gift. It turned out beautifully! I love this last installment of Seasons – I was so happy to see that gorgeous Ruby!

  12. That is such a sweet blanket.

    And I love that deep red yarn. Any plans for it?

  13. ‘Gotta love the way Debbie Bliss yarn gives that great stitch definition. When you do all the work you may as well use a yarn that shows it off! Its beautiful and what a lovely gesture!

  14. What a great way to produce a blanket … D.B. cashmere is my absolutle fave and the pattern you selected is gorgeous … nice work! Oh my, I so love that Sundara yarn … rich colour!

  15. That blanket is lovely!

  16. That blanket is just gorgeous. And the first pair of socks for Jacob? That boy needs some handknit socks stat!

  17. Love the blanket and your blog. I just found it through Grumperina’s site. Also very cute redhead! I have two myself.

  18. Gorgeous baby blanket! What luck that all the knitted strips turned out a similar size to sew together.

  19. I would love to know what pattern you used for the beautiful baby blanket on the blog “out of the bag”

    Thank you so much
    Christine Combs

    1. Hi Christine–Unfortunately, a group of us just used panels that we liked and then I sewed them together, so there wasn’t a pattern per se.

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